Formula Indie


FORMULA INDIE 08.02.2020

DevilsOfMusic - Turn Up

Giuliano Bruscantini – In the dusk

Carlo Kamal Bonomelli – Morire

Christopher the Grey – Butterflies

Sekou Andrews & The String Theory - The Music Movement

CRM - People In Coma

Deadplayer04 - Raz sa vrátim

Walter Piva - Cantando Sotto la doccia

Donna Zed – High on desire

Nakbyte – Obliquus

Franco Nocchi – Il volo dell’Anima

The Push – Atomic Bomb

Bourn – Thinking about you

Andy Michaels – Darling it hurts

Vinylika – Anice

Il Mulo – Antonio

Steve Markoff and Patricia Lazzara – Hallelujah

DuShane Band – When I Walk Out

Alessandro Di Carlo – Piccolo cuore che batte

Sebastian Straw – Happy People Shine

Jester in Jail – When I’m Alone

Pasquale Gravela – Dicono che

Frankie Prada – God Bless The Trap

Gino McKoy feat. Diamond – Sensy Girl

The Red-Sik – Piove Luce

Tiny World – Walk on water

AVNI VIR VINEET – Twenty-Twenty

Max Wilner -Sento ancora te

Osea Codega – Icy Eyes

Darrell Kelley – Because of you

Overclank - Me and you

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