Formula Indie


FORMULA INDIE 11.02.2020

AV Super Sunshine – Crazy Love

Craymo – December Rain

David Raynolds - This Is The End

Jennie J – Chevy Girl

Christopher the Grey – Butterflies

Tali Leda – Standstill

Ashley Puckett – Bullettproof

Kristen Karma - Dear John (Feat. Marian Hanna, Mr ATP)

Metrica – Un'altra occasione

J. Maurice – Favors

Tiny World – Walk on water

Andy Michaels – Darling it hurts

Steve Markoff and Patricia Lazzara – Hallelujah 

Darrell Kelley – Because of you

Ace Diamond - Get Your Boogie Woogie Workin 

Blu Fish – Up Down

Christopher the Grey – Sun Rise (Remix)

Donna Zed – Enough Years

Lumen Jingos – Kintsukuroi

Max Wilner -Sento ancora te

Gino McKoy feat. Diamond – Sensy Girl 

Destiny Malibu – Sweet Persuasion

Terrorist of Romance – Always choose wrong

The Membranes - Nocturnal (Kitty Lectro Remix)

Jash - Us Together

DuShane Band – When I Walk Out

Frankie Prada – God Bless The Trap

DevilsOfMusic - Turn Up

Daniela Mastrandrea – Sottovoce

La Shanna – Di me

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