Formula Indie


Formula Indie 24-11-2019

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Laser – La vera storia del mal di lei

Willie J ft. Various Artists – We Love You Puerto Rico

Settore Giada – Nero

Traindeville – Monsters

Rhett May – Cocktails and Cannabis

Stephen Wrench & Friends from Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet

Stefano Bertozzi – Work work

Cris Emerald – Glorious

Brigida LB Santabrigida – Joue Ta Vie

Matthew Schultz ft. Gyptian – Turn me up

Under The Snow – Blackened

Jhonnys Family Project – Maman Africa

Traindeville – La Mia Strada

Donna Zed – High on desire

Francis Salina – Drive

Allocai – Cloud 9

Jaleel Young – Personal Issues

S Sponji Living – I Love You (Remix)

Resilience – Indispensabile

Justin Faye – Bree Tree

Jaleel Young – Sasha

Donna Zed – Step Away

Szandra Mayer – Summertime is Here

Ace Diamond - Get Your Boogie Woogie Workin

Rhett May – Cocktails and Cannabis

SpaceWind – Now & Forever

Acquablag – I Feel Loved

Jorg – Good bye good old world

Neena Goh – Perfect

Allocai – Be My Main

Marcocram DJ feat Miriam – Long Time

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