Formula Indie


Formula Indie 13-12-2019

AV Super Sunshine – Candyland

Christopher the Grey – Sun Rise (Remix)

Acquablag – I Feel Loved

Ronnue fet Roc Phizzle – Be Your Freak

Monsieur Job - Bailalo’ Brincao

DawgGoneDavis - Baby I Have Words a Tribute to Ronnie VanZant 

Willie J ft. Various Artists – We Love You Puerto Rico

Monsieur Job – A Escondidas

Allocai – Hush

Loving the Sun – The Inside Light

Rhyme – Tutto bene

Tiger Dek – Uomo Tana

Lumen Jingos – DragonFly

AVA – Ava

Justin Faye – Bree Tree

Justin Faye – Get the kick

Vinz Milani – Baby

Emilya ndMe – Snow

Giulia — The Italian Pianogirl – Shallow (Piano Version)

Charlie Pass-Berlin Tourist Remix

Boskovic – Remember

Lumen Jingos – Kintsukuroi

The Vow – Julia

The Sphinx – Brutale

Tiger Dek – Vita D'altri

Traindeville – La Mia Strada

Øksendal – Like a Drum

Lorenzo Gabanizza – You are wrong

Cory M. Coons "Love will fire the Flame"

Cassandra – I Love Christmas

Ben Shaw – Sisters

David Raynolds - This Is The End

Tanille - Santa Don't Pass Me By 

DawgGoneDavis – Here Comes Santa Dawg 

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