Formula Indie


Formula Indie 10-12-2019

AV Super Sunshine – Candyland

Christopher the Grey – Sun Rise (Remix)

Acquablag – I Feel Loved

Ronnue fet Roc Phizzle – Be Your Freak

Monsieur Job - Bailalo’ Brincao

DawgGoneDavis - Baby I Have Words a Tribute to Ronnie VanZant 

Willie J ft. Various Artists – We Love You Puerto Rico

Monsieur Job – A Escondidas

Allocai – Hush

Loving the Sun – The Inside Light

Under The Snow – Blackened

Rhyme – Ancora un po'

Quaalude – The First Time (For a Thousand Times) 

Picture of Troy J - Sounds From Underground

Moroger - I will be down

Leti Dafne – Pizza e mandolino

Jhonnys Family Project – Maman Africa

Ground Control – Kaputt Mundi

Ethel Onnis – Skye Boat Song

Flamexia – Lullaby

Francesco Reitano – Il mare d’inverno

Francis Salina – Drive

Francisco Buselli – No soy un Mendigo

Gianmarco Oliva – Liberi

Aldo Di Gennaro – No way back

Alex Silipo – Non preoccuparti amore

Antòn – Soli contro tutti

Ariot – Without Hands

Arminante Innocenzo – Prenderò il tuo posto ( Crazy robot remix)

Donatello Ciullo – E se domani

Cassandra – I Love Christmas

Craymo – December Rain

La Shanna – Di me

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