Formula Indie


Formula Indie 06-11-2019

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Under the Snow – Amazing Sun

2hurt – Crucify Me

Ronald Benamer- Buon Natale

LaceBlack – Anytime

Shoggy Tosh – Paradisay

Neena Goh – Perfect

Tommy Lorusso - Surfing with the alien tribute

Chiara Massimo – Non era la mia trama

Marshell – La voce delle lune

Armonite – By heart

Szandra Mayer – Summertime is Here

Donna Zed – Surrounding Me

Carina T - Inside Your Mind

Brigida LB Santabrigida – Vocalizer (Disco)

The Red-Sik – A casa

Jørg - Good bye good old World

SpaceWind – Now & Forever

Settore Giada – Nero

Angelo Seretti – Fuga dal pianeta Terra

CEEM – Better than that

Rhett May – Cocktails and Cannabis

Justin Faye – Get the kick

Anya Kay – Roses are red

Justin Faye – Bree Tree

Natalie Jean - Red Room Remix

S Sponji Living – I Love You (Remix)

Rhett May – Cocktails and Cannabis

Shoggy Tosh ft. Henrisoul - Pamoto Sokay

The Vow – Julia

Hassa – Aajah

AV Super Sunshine – Candyland

Betty Rose – Strega

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