Formula Indie


Formula Indie - 04-11-2019

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Manuel Aspidi – Let Out This Light

Shard & Francy – Lupo Solitario

Shoggy Tosh, Dunamis Reignz, Shady Blue – eMujow

The Sphinx – Attacco di panico

Stefano Bertozzi – Inequality

Tony Riggi - Kalimba de Luna ft. Tony Esposito

Jaleel Young – Personal Issues

Lenny – Supporta Chico (feat. Luca Chiari e Rok)

Settore Giada – Nero

Metrica – Calici

Rhyme – Camel Light

Greye – What if I

Alessio Ivan – Freddissima anima

Stefano Bertozzi – London

Brigida LB Santabrigida – Cause i love you

Antonella Braccia – Astinenza

Francisco Buselli – No soy un Mendigo

Shard & Francy – Lupo Solitario

Stephen Wrench & Friends from Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet - Top O' The List

AV Super Sunshine – Candyland

Angela Fenton - You're Beautiful To Me

Willie J ft. Various Artists – We Love You Puerto Rico

Natalie Jean - Red Room Remix

Matthew Schultz ft. Gyptian – Turn me up

Donna Zed – High on desire

Carina T - Inside Your Mind

Ronnue fet Roc Phizzle – Be Your Freak

Monsieur Job – Bajate Las Bragas

Bico - Sara sarà

Anya Kay – Roses are red

Demien – Via

La Shanna – Di me

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