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#37 Steering Your Own Ship; Uncomplicated Life Lessons from Game-Changer, Dora Atim

Season 1
What are you limiting yourself from achieving just because you don’t think you are qualified? For anyone who thinks they don’t have the experience or they don’t have the talent, this episode is for you.Joining me on the show today is a woman who is setting a great example and inspiring young women in sport, the amazing Dora Atim! Dora is a Nike running coach, the founder of Ultra Black Running and a youth mentor with Badu Sports, a youth mentor group that provides opportunities for people of color to pursue sports opportunities. While it may seem like Dora has had an easy go at her career and easily found success, that’s far from the case. Her determination and energy to pursue her dreams are inspiring and I can’t wait for you to hear her story.In this episode, Dora and I talk about the details of the mentorship programme with Badu Sports, her inspiration to help young people in sport, how she went from someone who had never run to a Nike Running coach, and more.To learn more, tune in to Episode 37 of Fitness UnFiltered!Some questions I ask:What has driven your interest to go down that road of helping young people in sport? (9:30)How did you pursue running after that? (18:08)Where has that taken you to today with your own running club? (39:30)What does the rest of 2021 have in store for you? (53:30)In this episode, you will learn:About Dora’s current roles at Nike and as a youth mentor (2:33)Dora’s exercise journey (13:15)Where Dora is today (31:39)How Dora handles self doubt (36:22)The origin of Dora’s bright and fun hair colors (47:58)Connect with Dora Atim:InstagramUltra Black Running InstagramLet’s Connect!InstagramWebsiteEmail

#36 A Life-Long Passion of Coaching & Living Well with Secondary Breast Cancer, with Wellness Coach Mary Huckle

Season 1
Joining me on the show today is my incredible friend Mary Huckle – a Wellness Coach, living with secondary breast cancer. Mary has been in the fitness industry for 16 years with many strings to her bow. Becoming a Personal Trainer was inevitable given her life long passion for movement.Being diagnosed with any type of cancer is devastating news. Whilst it is common, I realised after talking to Mary, that I still know very little about it.Mary is working hard to raise awareness around it.In this episode, we talk about how she got into the fitness industry after many years of working in finance; how she adapted her business in 2020; and we dive deep into what it’s like living with secondary breast cancer.To learn more, tune in to Episode 36 of Fitness UnFiltered!Some questions I ask:Tell me a little bit about the beginnings of your journey as a wellness coach. (03:18)How has COVID affected your business? (19:34)When were you diagnosed with breast cancer? (26:39)What is the treatment like, now, for you? (33:12)What’s your process of adapting to a new lifestyle caused by new treatments? (43:54)How do you plan ahead? How do you think around it? (49:06)What do you do to raise awareness on breast cancer? (58:39)In this episode, you will learn:Why it’s never too late to change careers. (09:30)The real role of Personal Trainers and Wellness Coaches. (12:09)Mary’s experience with having COVID and doing chemotherapy at the same time. (24:29)Doing Pilates helped Mary with her cancer recovery. (29:15)How Mary juggles her work schedule and her cancer treatment. (40:29)The power of the right mindset and attitude. (52:50)Connect with Mary Huckle:WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitterLet’s Connect!InstagramWebsiteEmail

#35 Reconnecting with our bodies - lesson from training in healing through movement with Allison Tenney

Season 1
The way we move is everything.Joining me on the show today is a friend of mine who shares many of the same views I do within the fitness industry, Allison Tenney! Allison is a Strengths and Conditioning Coach based in the US and has prided herself on the effort she’s made to integrate personal development strategies into her classes. She has led a diverse client base of mothers, college athletes, and fitness professionals towards achieving their goals and building a mindset that is rooted in compassion and honesty.In this episode, we discuss why movement is such a fundamental component to our health and wellness journeys, how Allison has built a sense of trust and community through the work she’s done, as well as the personal growth lessons we’ve learned from our own children that have surprised us.To learn more, tune in to Episode 35 of Fitness UnFiltered!Some Questions I Ask:What does your business look like now that everything has moved online? (5:31)How do you approach challenging limiting beliefs when new clients come to you for the first time (9:01)How difficult do you think it is to undo the toxic fitness culture that has been ingrained in so many people you’ve seen? (12:56)How would you integrate foundational fitness into your programs if you were just starting out in this industry? (28:42)What are your top three favourite books? (1:19:20)In This Episode You Will Learn:Why Allison treats her work as a practice and uses it to carry out internal work (10:23)Why sitting in discomfort is a key factor to building emotional resilience (19:09)Why the language we use surrounding fitness is so important (21:10)How Allison creates a safe space to explore fitness on a deeper level (26:21)Why Allison believes there is a disconnect between our minds and our bodies (32:21)Allison’s perspective on taking accountability, being open to feedback, and listening with intent (36:20)Where my anxiety around confrontation stems from & Why we should approach discomfort with curiosity (40:30)How our internal beliefs allow judgement to pass on the world around us (46:12)Why we should approach internal work from a place of compassion and honesty (51:23)Personal development lessons we’ve learned as mothers (57:25)The lessons Allison personally resonates with in relation to her self growth (1:03:56)The distinction between trauma and discomfort (1:09:37)The value that comes with finding genuine friendships (1:12:05)Let’s Connect!InstagramWebsiteEmailConnect With Allison Tenney:WebsiteFacebookInstagramResources:Book: My Grandmother’s Hands - Author, Resmaa MenakemBook: Heart Talk - Author, Cleo WadeWikipedia Page: Audre LordeWikipedia Page: Bell HooksWebsite: Sonya Renee Taylor

#34 Don’t try and reinvent the wheel - lessons in group exercise with Tana von Zitzewitz

Season 1
It’s no secret that I’m a big believer in fitness fundamentals.Joining me on the show today to chat about all things in regards to group fitness, coaching basics, and what she’s learned through strength and conditioning education, Tana von Zitzewitz! Tana has been working in the fitness industry for thirteen years now, having worked as a Master Trainer at Barry’s UK, a Training Instructor at Nike, and a Founder of her own venture, Force Velocity Group. She’s been through quite the journey in getting to where she is today, all of which has been amplified by the knowledge she’s gained as a result of intensive coaching courses and foundational health and wellness education.We discuss Tana’s experience attending the Les Mills training program, her approach to group fitness programming, how her personal views have changed since attending her first Women in Fitness Summit, as well as so much more. To hear more of Tana’s story within this industry, tune in to Episode 34 of Fitness UnFiltered!Some Questions I Ask:How did you get into teaching fitness? (3:05)What did the Les Mills training process look like? (4:45)What made you stay in the fitness industry after going through such a gruelling experience leading up to your coaching? (7:46)How long have you been coaching at Barry’s UK? (21:26)Do you incorporate strength and conditioning lessons into your teachings? (30:30)How long does it take you to program a cycle and a full class? (32:01)What’s next for you? (51:44)What advice can you give to new trainers who are just entering this space? (1:00:57)In This Episode You Will Learn:An introduction to Tana von Zitzewitz (2:28)Why wearing different ‘hats’ can help us to manage our energy and stress levels (12:53)What the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system refer to (15:52)What Tana learned through becoming a Nike Instructor (18:48)How Tana structures her class programs & Why learning the fundamentals of strength and conditioning was a turning point (22:16)Tana’s experience with personal development after attending her first Women in Fitness Summit (36:58)How Tana’s most recent project, Force Velocity Running, was born (45:25)Let’s Connect!InstagramWebsiteEmailConnect With Tana von Zitzewitz:InstagramTwitterLinkedInResources:Website: Strength & Conditioning EducationWebsite: Force Velocity GroupInstagram: Barry’s UK

#33 Getting out of pain; imposter syndrome; and playing the long game with GB Junior Head Powerlifting Coach, Jason Coultman

Season 1
Imposter syndrome is an interesting beast.Though it may be an irrational, fear-based concept - imposter syndrome is still incredibly prevalent within our society right now and is something that holds so many talented, budding creators back from achieving their full potential. Joining me on the show today is GB Junior Head Paralifting Coach, Jason Coultman, to discuss his experience with the phenomenon and share the lessons that he’s learned within the fitness industry as a result of it.We also talk about Jason’s work helping his clients recover from sports-related injuries. As someone who received multiple injuries himself and underwent an extensive rehabilitation period, Jason has used that experience to better inform his decision-making as a coach and mentor.If you’re keen to hear more, tune in to Episode 33 of Fitness UnFiltered!Some Questions I Ask:What was your process when recovering from your injuries? (6:26)How did your doctor know that your feet were the main contributor to your pain? (11:38)How has your own recovery experience informed your one-to-one coaching sessions? (16:03)What would you say to a client who wasn’t willing to put the foundational work in before focusing on more advanced fitness goals? (19:17)Have you worked with any Sports Psychologists to tackle your imposter syndrome or is it something you’ve dealt with on your own? (36:49)When coaching the GB Junior Paralifting team, how do you teach them in a way that is still fun and lets them enjoy their youth? (47:34)In This Episode You Will Learn:Some background on Jason Coultman (2:07)What led to Jason helping others recover from their sports-related injuries and pain (4:24)Jason’s experience with imposter syndrome (22:19)What my own experiences have taught me about perfectionism and the pressures of creativity (30:05)Why embracing discomfort and failure is sometimes necessary (43:19)Let’s Connect!InstagramWebsiteEmailConnect With Jason Coultman:WebsiteInstagramFacebookResources:Book: ‘The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles’ Author, Steven PressfieldBook: ‘The Imposter Cure: Escape the mind-trap of imposter syndrome’ Author, Dr. Jessamy HibberdBook: ‘The Chimp Paradox’ Author, Steve Dr. Peters

#32 The triad of health, performance and body composition; and intermittent fasting with Performance Nutritionist Sinead Roberts.

Season 1
When it comes to our health, following good advice is crucial - but with an overwhelming volume of information around weight loss, exercise and dieting, it’s easy to see where people make mistakes.Joining me today is established Sports Performance Nutritionist and returning guest to the show, Sinead Roberts! Coming back for a second time, Sinead shares her expertise on a few different topics including; body composition, physical and athletic performance, and intermittent fasting.We dive into the specifics of thetriad of health, performance and body compositionand give advice on why listening to your body and capabilities is so important when approaching a new fitness goal. Adherence is one of the key things to consider when creating a routine that works for you and it’s important not to feel discouraged by comparing yourself to where other people are at on their journey. We also discuss the compromises that come with building on physical fitness, what nutrient density is all about, and what we know about intermittent fasting.To hear more, tune in to Episode 32 of Fitness UnFiltered!Some Questions I Ask:What do some of the trade-offs around body composition and workout culture look like? (14:23)How do clients that come to you with super aggressive goals respond when you tell them to break it down into smaller steps? (19:37)What advice would you give to my listeners on how to monitor their general overall health? (23:33)Could you talk about theperformance aspectsof nutrition? (27:47)What are some things you can do toreducethe need to compromise aspects of the wellness triad? (31:01)In This Episode You Will Learn:Some background on Sinead Roberts (1:25)Sinead’s breakdown onhealth, performanceandbody composition(4:29)The health and nutritional compromises that come with body composition (6:13)The misconceptions and ingrained thought patterns we’ve learned surrounding food and exercise (8:01)What‘intermittent fasting’refers to & How its been studied within sport and wellness communities (33:45)Let’s Connect!InstagramWebsiteEmailConnect With Sinead Roberts:InstagramWebsite -‘Feed, Fuel, Perform’Resources:‘Fitness UnFiltered’ Episode 11 - ‘Macronutrients, micronutrients, hydration and the supplements backed by scientific evidence with Biologist Sinead Roberts of Feed Fuel Perform’‘Fitness UnFiltered’ Episode 30 - ‘Pelvic floor health for competitive athletes with Strength coach and Pelvic Floor Specialise Rachel Smith’

#31 The transformational practice of yoga with Jonelle Lewis

Season 1
Committing to our physical fitness is a process that can be daunting for so many out there. A huge component to this is how we perceive and digest health and wellness culture in the mainstream and also adds to why we experience feelings of disconnection, lack of belonging, or discomfort within these arenas.Joining me on the show today is someone who has devoted their career within the industry to challenging traditions and making exercise accessible and equitable for all, Jonelle Lewis! Funnily enough, Jonelle and I have crossed paths many times over the years and this interview is our very first time sitting down to chat. Jonelle is an inspiring figure within this field and has been a mentor and spiritual teacher to so many in need of connection and community.We discuss how her practice has promoted messages of inclusivity and accessibility, why it’s had such an impact on those within marginalised communities, the plethora of benefits that come from yoga, as well as so much more.To learn more, tune in to Episode 31 of Fitness UnFiltered!Some Questions I Ask:Was your intention always to create accessible and equitable communities or did that evolve over time? (7:16)Why do you view yoga as a transformational practice? (35:44)What is your vision for the health and wellness space? (53:13)What would you recommend to yoga beginners when starting their practice? (54:57)In This Episode You Will Learn:An introduction on Jonelle Lewis and what she aims to achieve within her industry (4:01)The impact Jonelle’s classes have had on marginalised communities (11:56)How Jonelle’s practice challenges what a traditional yoga space looks like (15:23)How Jonelle promotes the message that yoga is for everyone (21:00)Our perspective on the fitness industry's reputation & Why working out should be a comfortable and attainable experience (28:05)The community component of Jonelle’s practice (48:21)Let’s Connect!InstagramWebsiteEmailConnect With Jonelle Lewis:WebsiteInstagram

#30 Pelvic floor health for competitive athletes with Strength coach and Pelvic Floor Specialise Rachel Smith

Season 1
There’s an unspoken problem within the lifting community - pelvic floor health. Many lifters, specifically powerlifters, are unaware that their pelvic floor health is dysfunctional and impacting their training.My friend, Rachel Smith, is a pelvic floor specialist, powerlifter, coach, and gym owner. Rachel joins us on today’s episode to educate us on the importance of pelvic floor health.In this episode, Rachel recounts the signs she saw in her training that indicated her pelvic floor might be dysfunctional. Her personal journey with her own pelvic floor health inspired her to create a dialogue within the female fitness community around pelvic floor health. She shares her research around pelvic floors, training techniques she recommends, and what her vision is for the future education of pelvic floor health in the fitness community. Outside of her specialty, Rachel also tells us about the community she has built through starting her gym and shares advice she has for other coaches.Listen to Episode 30 of Fitness Unfiltered to learn more!Some Questions I Ask:How did you start gaining your pelvic floor expertise and where are you with it now? (02:49)What was the feeling for you when you noticed your pelvic floor issues in training? (9:18)You went from 1-1+ on one side and 2-3-3+ on the other, what did that look like? (12:24)Do you feel that part of people not wanting to do this is because of the pause that it will put on their training right now? (17:33)What would you recommend when speaking to people for the first time around breathing and strengthening your TVA? (23:32)What is your hope in the work that you’re doing moving forward? (33:18)Tell me about the gym building process? (49:39)What would you advise other coaches looking to learn more? (59:54)In This Episode You Will LearnThe basic mechanics of a pelvic floor (4:21)Rachel’s personal pelvic floor health research and applying it to training (4:57)Rachel’s training techniques to improve her pelvic floor health (12:35)Why Rachel thinks it’s a mindset switch from short term to long term when people take control of their pelvic floor health (17:53)The importance of relaxing your pelvic floor (21:55)Specific breathing techniques that Rachel recommends while training (23:57)Rachel’s vision for the future of pelvic floor health education (33:28)The importance of coaches and athletes creating a dialogue about taking into account menstrual cycles with training (38:26)What to do if you think your pelvic floor is dysfunctional (42:46)How the different phases of the menstrual cycles apply to training (45:23)The process of creating Rachel’s gym and the community she’s built (49:56)How Rachel goes above and beyond for her community (57:18)Connect with RachelInstagramRachel’s GymLet’s Connect!InstagramWebsiteEmail

#29 Raising the game with Neha Patel

Season 1
The fitness industry and media as a whole perpetuate this idea of what a ‘healthy’ body looks like.I know women who had abs but didn’t have a menstrual cycle and were miserable despite their posts on how great life was!It is my one hope that people come to appreciate what healthy feels like, rather than how it looks - which is different for everybody at different stages of their lives.Joining me on the podcast today is an incredibly dear friend of mine, Neha Patel, with a clear vision on how she wants to tackle this problem.Neha is relatively new to the fitness space, having worked as a Coach and Personal Trainer for just over two years, but has brought so many valuable life experiences to the role.In this episode, Neha recounts what her experience losing eight stone was like for her and shares how that period in her life shifted her opinions surrounding the fitness industry as a whole. She shares her goals within the Coaching field and what she hopes to achieve when it comes to the success of her clients, as well as her philosophies on everyone’s individual journeys. We also get candid about the importance of receiving guidance as a Coach and why there shouldn’t be shame when reaching out for help.To hear more, tune in to Episode 29 of Fitness UnFiltered!Some Questions I Ask:What did your ‘rock bottom’ look like? (6:27)Where are you right now on your fitness journey? (19:44)What has been the biggest learning lesson for you, industry-wise? (28:28)How do you know when you’re making the right decisions? (38:08)What are the things that frustrate you about the fitness industry? (39:37)Could you describe your vision for the fitness industry in thirty seconds? (47:46)In This Episode You Will Learn:Some background on Neha Patel (1:52)How Neha’s journey as a Coach and Personal Trainer began and what sparked passion in her when first entering the fitness industry (8:54)My appreciation for Neha’s impact within the wellness industry (15:53)Why negative experiences help us to grow as people (25:09)Why it’s important to be open to receiving feedback (34:40)Let’s Connect!InstagramWebsiteEmailConnect With Neha Patel:Instagram