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Strategies for Moving Through Grief & Healing with Cathleen Elle

Ep. 28

Have you experienced a sudden loss in your life? 

These experiences are never easy to move through – and you never truly get over it. It always stays with you, and you have to learn to live with that knowledge. 

In this episode, I talk with the amazing Cathleen Elle, who recently published her book Shattered Together. Her book functions as both a preventative book and a reactionary book. The contents within help prevent suicide, depression, anxiety, and the day-to-day struggles of life. It also incorporates daily practices that will help you start living a life of purpose. If you’ve experienced a sudden loss, this book can help you get out of the darkness you’ve been living in. 

Throughout our conversation, Cathleen vulnerably shares how she’s learned to thrive in life after her son’s sudden suicide. She shares about some of the darkest moments she’s lived through, how she initially stepped into the healing process, and how to treat yourself with grace if you’ve gone through a similar experience. 

Tune in to learn more about Cathleen’s journey and how you can begin your own healing process as well. 

In This Episode You Will Learn: 

  • After experiencing grief, what it means to move on from your A Life to your B Life. (3:54)
  • What helped Cathleen begin moving out of deep despair and into the next chapter of her life, learning to live with the death of her son. (8:59)
  • What Cathleen’s experience working with a medium was like. (16:52)
  • How to honor a lost loved one during the holidays. (22:51)
  • 3 strategies for moving through grief and healing. (28:06)
  • Cathleen’s advice for treating yourself with grace and stepping into your healing journey. (46:24)

Connect with Cathleen Elle: 



Shattered Together by Cathleen Elle

Women Who Rise by Cathleen Elle

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