Be More Pirate


Jon Alexander

Season 2, Ep. 9

Towards the end of Be More Pirate there's a chapter in which Sam writes his own pirate code: article no.3 is 'Make the Citizen Shift' which is a challenge to us all to see ourselves as citizens rather than consumers. The inspiration for that article came from the New Citizenship Project which was co-founded by our guest this week, Jon Alexander. 

Jon spent the majority of his early career working in advertising - the pinnacle and pioneer of consumer culture but eventually turned his back on it when he realised very starkly the damage it was doing. The New Citizenship project was his rebellion - a challenge to the societal story that the only power we have is as consumers, and a challenge to organisations that the only thing they can do is sell. He's now captured all of this accumulated wisdom and learning with the NCP in his first book, aptly named, Citizens, which is out on March 17th. For anyone in our community who has connected with the idea of re-humanising transactional mechanistic work cultures - Jon's work will give you so much inspiration and ammunition.

Citizens is available to pre-order via Canterbury Press:

New Citizenship Project:

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