Be More Pirate


Benash Nazmeen

Season 2, Ep. 6

Today's guest is the impressive Benash Nazmeen, a practising midwife based in the North West working hard to address health inequalities within the profession. Benash is in every respect, the embodiment of re-humanising healthcare; caring deeply for the individual and all their nuances and complexities, whilst speaking up on behalf of those who cannot.

Benash is co-founder of the South Asian Midwife's Association, is on the editorial board for the Practicing Midwife, and co-chair for the Births Inquiry into Racial Injustice in UK Maternity systems. We collided through the the NHS Horizons School for Change Agents programme, and really wanted to bring her leadership to the podcast audience as part of our ongoing conversation about being a pirate in healthcare.

(You'll also notice Sam is absent from the podcast today as he was away doing some last minute mission critical filming for his Uncertainty Experts programme).

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