Be More Pirate

Alex Barker and Sam Conniff chat to some of today's best rule breakers - those who are willing to explore radical new territory and stick their head above the parapet for the greater good. The show tackles some uncomfortable conversation topics, and delves into what it really takes to be a modern pirate. Drawing on the principles in Sam's 2018 bestseller Be More Pirate, and the follow up, How to Be More Pirate, this podcast is a dose of inspiration for anyone wanting to challenge the status quo.

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Alex Barker

Alex is Captain of Be More Pirate, and wears many hats as a facilitator, speaker, consultant and co-author of How to Be More Pirate

Sam Conniff

Sam is the author of 2018 bestseller Be More Pirate, but otherwise works as an insultant (a consultant who tells the truth) a mentor, a facilitator and public speaker.