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  • 37. En Primeur

    In this episode, we break down the En Primeur phenomenon of buying wine almost two years before it's bottled.

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  • 36. Blind Tasting

    Blind tasting is fun! It's not a completion (although it can be) and not a must. You could enjoy wine and never blind but blinding can help you enjoy wine. Let's explain.
  • 35. What is an AVA?

    In this episode, Keith takes a deep dive into what an AVA is. The history was covered in the History of American Wine series in season three but is an AVA really in the modern sense of today's wine world?
  • 34. Vine Training

    From the soil to the vine. In the episode we break down the idea of vine training; what does it mean, how is it used and how does it benefit wine?
  • 33. Soil

    In this episode, we dive deep into the earth. Well, the bedrock at least. Let's a general sense of what soil is when it comes to wine.
  • 32. Quality Winemaking at Scale

    In this episode Scott Kozel, winemaker at Frei Brothers and the greater Costal California zones, talks about how to maintain quality as wine production scales up.
  • 31. Central Coast AVA

    In this episode, Matt Steel Director, of Central Coast Winemaking at Gallo comes on the pod to help wrap our heads around this vast winemaking region