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An actual play audio drama.

An actual play audio drama | For more than 3,000 years the people of Ayria haven’t been able to cross the Great Sea. In an age of relative peace, a group of adventurers discover a far more grim force is at work keeping A

Wayward Suns – Ep.19 – Paladins and Liars

Season 2, Ep. 28
Following a lead from information broker Muri’vor, the Wayward Suns travel to the ruins of subterranean city of Iz’ray’zae. Amid the crumbling buildings, the companions are reunited with some of the paladins of the Arma Lucis. But not everything is as it seems and the party soon realizes they are not sure who they can trust.Content warning:42:56-43:42 — Face-related body horror54:23-54:51 — Gore and facial trauma56:45-56:52 — Gore and facial traumaFind us on Twitter.GM and producer — Thomas Marcetti, @WildEndeavorsMalkin Kessel — Adam Rogers, @NPCYouLaterThorina Thunderhelm — Amy Johstono, @amy_johstonoEllamin Chorster — Evan Chamberlain, @Mr_Bishop010Aramil Galadonel — Nick Feely, @RollPlusNickVaris Liadon — Devin Salisbury, @MrMundane117Check out:Our podcast partner “All Hail Yog” at or @XPWebSeriesProfessional DM services from “All Hail Yog’s” Timothy at or @XPWebSeriesA month worth of diverse and inclusive podcasting during International Podcast Month just about anywhere you get podcasts or at music by Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License“Heavy Interlude”“Big Mojo”“Spacial Winds”“Symmetry”“Ossuary 4 - Animate (Harmony)”“Rites”Music from All Hail Yog Promo"A Night on Bald Mountain" by Modest Mussorgsky (performed by the Skidmore College Orchestra)

We're Removing D&D from Wild Endeavors

Season 2, Ep. 25
AnnouncementI’m Thomas Marcetti, GM and producer of these Wild Endeavors.For what it’s worth, we wanted to take a position in regard to a number of incidents involving D&D and Wizards of the Coast that have come to our attention recently. Part of our position will be the removal of D&D as much as possible from this podcast for the foreseeable future.If you are not aware, this past year, numerous new concerns have come to light, including, but not limited to, Wizards of the Coast and D&D’s continued support and protection of sexual predators; their refusal to remove blatantly racist content from their stores, while they maintain aggressive censorship of LGBTQA creators, and the growing body of testimony from former and current employees as to how badly they mistreat people from marginalized communities, that is, the rare few that they hire in the first place.We are by no means perfect and we recognize that even with our efforts to remove it or not have it in the first place that there is some problematic content within our own endeavors. In fact, given the privilege the members of our group enjoy, we’re sure there are many things we are not aware of. But we want to learn, to be more inclusive, to be allies when we can, to shut up when our voice might drown out a marginalized one, and to just be better.And right now, supporting and promoting D&D is antithetical to all those things.It is certainly our hope that Hasbro, Wizards of the Coast, or D&D make significant changes and actually take action toward real diversity and inclusion, toward enriching, supporting, and protecting people in this community. Until that time, we don’t want to be associated the culture they are promoting.It will be impossible to completely separate some of our stories from D&D, because it’s part of how we created them. In fact, our current series, the story of the Wayward Suns, has already been completed using D&D. But the stories we are telling are ours, and we will not let D&D’s toxicity ruin what we have made. So, going forward, I’ll be editing out as much of the D&D mechanics as possible without detracting from the story.In the grand scheme of things, we know this is minor. This action we take is a small one. The result of it will be small — honestly, it will likely be almost nothing. We know that. But it’s a step. We’re going to try and take more. And maybe somewhere along that way, someone will see one of our steps and take one or two of their own.In the meantime, we want to thank you for your continued support for our adventures and we hope you’ll join us for many, many more Wild Endeavors.Find us on Twitter.DM and producer — Thomas Marcetti, @WildEndeavorsMalkin Kessel — Adam Rogers, @NPCYouLaterThorina Thunderhelm — Amy Johstono, @amy_johstonoEllamin Chorster — Evan Chamberlain, @Mr_Bishop010Aramil Galadonel — Nick Feely, @RollPlusNickVaris Liadon — Devin Salisbury, @MrMundane117