Wild Endeavors


Wayward Suns – Ep.22 – Friends in Need

Season 2, Ep. 33

Wayward Suns – Ep.22 – Friends in Need

Back above ground the Wayward Suns consider their next move and learn about how events have unfolded in their absence. Ultimately, an urgent message from an old friend draws them east to the crossroads town of Mal’Myore.

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  • GM and producer — Thomas Marcetti, @WildEndeavors
  • Malkin Kessel — Adam Rogers, @NPCYouLater
  • Thorina Thunderhelm — Amy Johstono, @amy_johstono
  • Ellamin Chorster — Evan Chamberlain, @Mr_Bishop010
  • Aramil Galadonel — Nick Feely, @RollPlusNick
  • Varis Liadon — Devin Salisbury, @MrMundane117

Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License


  • “Heavy Interlude”
  • “Private Reflection”
  • “Majestic Hills”
  • “Air Prelude”
  • “Lost Frontier”
  • “Second Coming”
  • “Organic Meditations Three”
  • “Night Vigil”
  • “Stormfront”

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