Wild Endeavors

An actual play audio drama | Across several interwoven campaigns and one-shot adventures, Wild Endeavors is telling a collective tale of a fantastical land. Our current endeavor is a campaign focused the adventures of the Wayward Suns.

For more than 3,000 years the people of Ayria haven’t been able to cross the Great Sea. In an age of relative peace, a group of adventurers known as the Wayward Suns discover a far more grim force is at work keeping Ayria isolated from the rest of the world. As these heroes are drawn into a millennia-long cold war, they will travel to far off worlds in search of a means to free their people.

Our first series, the Shadows Campaign is dark, emotive Dungeon World adventure that gives the classic rescue story an intense twist. All 30 episodes of that story are available now.

Cast: Find us on Twitter.

  • Thomas Marcetti, @WildEndeavors — GM and producer
  • Adam Rogers, @NPCYouLater — Hans and Malkin
  • Amy Johstono, @amy_johstono — Calico and Thorina
  • Evan Chamberlain, @Mr_Bishop010 — Leandros, Rackham, and Ellamin
  • Nick Feely, @RollPlusNick — Yleef and Aramil
  • Devin Salisbury, @MrMundane117 — Therin, Quintus, and Varis

Or reach us at our.wild.endeavors@gmail.com.