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Happy mind, happy life, with Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Season 4, Ep. 6

For our final episode this season, Gemma is honoured to be joined by Dr Rangan Chatterjee: a medical doctor, best-selling author, TV presenter and host of the top-ranking health podcast Feel Better, Live More. As one of the most influential doctors in the UK, Dr Rangan Chatterjee wants to change how medicine will be practised for years to come, with a mission to help people around the globe live better lives. During his 20 years as a GP, Rangan has seen first-hand how good intentions aren’t always enough for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and the fundamental importance happiness plays in our overall health and wellbeing. 


With his latest book Happy Mind, Happy Life already a best-seller, Rangan talks us through his ‘core happiness’ concept and how it works like a three-legged stool where all three parts need to be in place for us to feel happy. He explains the difference between junk happiness and authentic happiness, shares his morning routine, and offers his tips for how to get through the demands of modern life, as well as what wellness means to him. Packed with wisdom as well as a great chat, this episode is an absolute must-listen for anyone interested in living a healthier, happier and more authentic life.


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  • 6. Harnessing the healing powers of food, with Dr Rupy

    Best-selling author and founder of The Doctor’s Kitchen, Dr Rupy Aujla is one of the biggest names in lifestyle medicine. Starting out as an overworked junior doctor, his health was massively impacted when he suddenly found himself suffering from a heart condition characterised by episodes of a very fast, irregular heartbeat. While doctors recommended aggressive medical treatment, his traditional Indian mother suggested he look at his lifestyle first - it worked, leading to his new career showing people the medicinal effects of eating and living well. In this informative chat, Dr Rupy recounts the revelation of how his research into nutrition, sleep, exercise and breathwork resulted in this change in lifestyle and no more irregular heartbeat episodes. He and Gemma discuss practising gratitude, nutritional psychiatry, how the gut microbiome links to mental health, and probiotics. He also shares his morning routine and why a good foundation to the day is so important. This lively podcast will give you a boost of positivity as well as easy, practical pointers on eating to improve your health and happiness.  ResourcesThe Wellness Edit/ Holland & BarrettFollow us here Dr Gemma Newman Dr Rupy The Doctor’s Kitchen app 
  • 5. Staying fit and finding balance through pregnancy and motherhood, with Shakira Akabusi

    Pre and postnatal fitness expert, motivational speaker, author and mum of four Shakira Akabusi founded Strong Like Mum to help women awaken the power of their pre and postnatal body through instinct, knowledge and exercise.In this inspiring podcast, Shakira discusses how she felt immense pressure after giving birth to her first baby. People told her she’d be exhausted, have no time for herself, and that she’d never wear a bikini again. As a personal trainer she knew how powerful the female body is and how exercise helps recovery from childbirth and mental health. She set out to challenge those motherhood cliches and give women the tools to stay physically and mentally well in pregnancy and beyond. Her new book ‘The Strong Like Mum Method’ came out in June this year, packed with accessible exercise and wellness advice.She also reveals how she overcame her own crippling postpartum OCD as a new mum. With tips on calming toddler tantrums and quick exercises to increase your flagging energy, Shakira’s hugely positive take on finding balance as a mum will inspire parents, new and experienced alike. ResourcesThe Wellness Edit/ Holland & BarrettFollow us here Gemma Newman Book
  • 4. IBS is about more than what you eat, with Lottie Drynan

    When initially sharing her personal story of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), anxiety and mental health, Lottie Drynan realised there were many other women living with chronic illness and battling with bloating and body image. Since then she’s become a huge name in the gut health world, building a 250,000 person strong community via The Tummy Diaries and You’ve Gut This platforms, including a private Facebook support group with monthly events, and self-publishing the wellness Journal ‘My Tummy Diary’. Lottie discusses her journey, from the initial symptoms that interfered with her first job, to the research she did on the gut, FODMAP diets, and the brain-gut connection. With her first baby due any day, Lottie talks about how she gradually found coping mechanisms and how sharing them created a safe space for others to open up about their gut health and not feel so alone. She also explains how her love of fashion led to #mybloatedwardrobe going viral. If you’ve ever suffered from gut problems and loss of body confidence, this is the episode for you. Lottie’s evolving, holistic, 360-degree approach to wellness will inspire women to better understand their body, find balance and ‘thrive, not just survive’.  Please note this episode was recorded before the birth of Lottie’s baby, Pennie. ResourcesThe Wellness Edit/ Holland & BarrettFollow us here Gemma Newman Lottie Drynan@lottiedrynan @youvegutthis 
  • 3. Overcoming period taboos, with Jaspreet Kaur

    Jaspreet is an award-winning spoken word poet, author, commentator and educator. Her work is all about having difficult conversations and her debut book ‘Brown Girl Like Me’ looks at the issues and stigmas South Asian women face on mental health, feminism, menstruation and beauty standards.  With the goal of changing the narrative, Jaspreet joins Dr Gemma to unpack the issues around gender differences, menstruation and how period poverty affects women across the world. She also dives into her journey as a poet and what wellness means to her.  Ultimately, Jaspreet’s message is to take time to get to know your body and express yourself to support your mental wellbeing. Pulling no punches, this empowering podcast should equip women everywhere to handle difficult conversations better and do just that.ResourcesThe Wellness Edit/ Holland & BarrettFollow us here Gemma Newman Kaur info 
  • 2. Embracing success, good times and a love of football, with Beth Mead

    A superstar of the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022, Beth Mead became a household name this year. She won the Golden Boot and was named Player of the Tournament during the record-breaking tournament, which sky-rocketed the profile of women’s football. She recently launched the Beth Mead Scholarship at Teesside University and her book ‘Lioness - My Journey to Glory’ will be out in November 2022. In this podcast, Beth describes her journey to becoming a professional footballer and reveals how her huge disappointment at missing out on the Olympic team a year ago was a pivotal point in changing her mindset. She shares how she got her head together for her best season ever and why turmeric and ginger, cod liver oil, magnesium, and protein shakes are musts that work for her. Discussing issues such as training while having periods, being a role model, overcoming failure, following your passion, and remembering to enjoy life amidst great pressure, this down-to-earth chat is all about how to find your own personal winning formula and embrace life. ResourcesThe Wellness Edit/ Holland & BarrettFollow us here Dr Gemma Newman Beth Mead@bethmead_
  • 1. Beauty, diversity and reframing the menopause, with Ateh Jewel

    Award-winning beauty journalist, broadcaster, social commentator and diversity advocate Ateh Jewel is used to making her voice heard. In recognition of her work on diversity in the beauty industry, she won the CEW Achiever Award 2020. She is the founder of the Dr Ateh Jewel Education Foundation, which supports black and mixed heritage students through university, and has started her own beauty range, launching Spring 2023.In this peppy podcast, Ateh talks to Gemma about the power of beauty and how she made her passion into her job. She recalls how Black Lives Matter and Covid were a pivotal point in her life, leading her to embrace colour after only ever wearing black and set up her education foundation. Invoking us to embrace menopause as a transformative new stage in life to walk in with pride and power, Ateh also discusses menopause symptoms and shares her health and skincare tips to support women’s changing needs.Pushing against the invisible barriers of status and racism, Ateh will inspire you to be your authentic self and know that it is enough, whatever stage of life you are at.   ResourcesThe Wellness Edit/ Holland & BarrettFollow us here Gemma Newman Ateh Jewel @atehjewelBeauty website column
  • The Wellness Edit [Series 5 Trailer]

    Welcome to series five of The Wellness Edit, brought to you by Holland & Barrett, hosted by The Plant Power Doctor, Dr Gemma Newman.In series five Gemma chats with such a varied selection of guests who share with us their personal journeys along with what wellness means to them and how they add it into their days – from beauty and diversity advocate Ateh Jewel… to gut health influencer Lottie Dryan, footballer Beth Mead… and lifestyle doctor Dr Rupy … If you want to understand more about wellness, this podcast is the place to be.Catch all the episodes on or search The Wellness Edit on your favourite podcast streaming service today.Episode 1 available from 2nd November 2022
  • 5. Changing your habits, with Madeleine Olivia

    Madeleine Olivia is a sustainable living blogger, YouTuber and author, who champions low-impact and minimal living. Based in Cornwall, she shares her plant-based recipe creations and sustainable living tips with her audience, and has written a book, Minimal, about how to love yourself and the planet.If you’ve been tempted by the idea of minimal living but thought it was unachievable, this episode is for you. Madeleine talks about a slow, kindness-based approach to sustainability – a refreshing take on a topic that can at times feel inflexible. She and Gemma explore how conscious decision-making benefits our wellbeing; letting go of perfection and how this can make way for self-discovery; and how being kind to ourselves, our bodies and the planet are one and the same. Plus Madeleine shares her wellness ethos, realistic advice on sustainable living, and practical plant-based recipe tips – including the secret to cooking great tofu.Please be aware that the conversation does also briefly cover Madeleine’s recovery from an eating disorder. If you need more support on this topic, you can access information and resources at Wellness Edit/ Holland & BarrettFollow us here Gemma Newman Olivia @madeleineolivia Book - Author of Minimal: how to simplify your life and live sustainably Was published in 2020 - popular Youtube channel with 550K subscribers