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Staying fit and finding balance through pregnancy and motherhood, with Shakira Akabusi

Season 5, Ep. 5

Pre and postnatal fitness expert, motivational speaker, author and mum of four Shakira Akabusi founded Strong Like Mum to help women awaken the power of their pre and postnatal body through instinct, knowledge and exercise.

In this inspiring podcast, Shakira discusses how she felt immense pressure after giving birth to her first baby. People told her she’d be exhausted, have no time for herself, and that she’d never wear a bikini again. As a personal trainer she knew how powerful the female body is and how exercise helps recovery from childbirth and mental health. She set out to challenge those motherhood cliches and give women the tools to stay physically and mentally well in pregnancy and beyond. Her new book ‘The Strong Like Mum Method’ came out in June this year, packed with accessible exercise and wellness advice.

She also reveals how she overcame her own crippling postpartum OCD as a new mum. With tips on calming toddler tantrums and quick exercises to increase your flagging energy, Shakira’s hugely positive take on finding balance as a mum will inspire parents, new and experienced alike. 


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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

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Season 5, Ep. 4
When initially sharing her personal story of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), anxiety and mental health, Lottie Drynan realised there were many other women living with chronic illness and battling with bloating and body image. Since then she’s become a huge name in the gut health world, building a 250,000 person strong community via The Tummy Diaries and You’ve Gut This platforms, including a private Facebook support group with monthly events, and self-publishing the wellness Journal ‘My Tummy Diary’. Lottie discusses her journey, from the initial symptoms that interfered with her first job, to the research she did on the gut, FODMAP diets, and the brain-gut connection. With her first baby due any day, Lottie talks about how she gradually found coping mechanisms and how sharing them created a safe space for others to open up about their gut health and not feel so alone. She also explains how her love of fashion led to #mybloatedwardrobe going viral. If you’ve ever suffered from gut problems and loss of body confidence, this is the episode for you. Lottie’s evolving, holistic, 360-degree approach to wellness will inspire women to better understand their body, find balance and ‘thrive, not just survive’.  Please note this episode was recorded before the birth of Lottie’s baby, Pennie. ResourcesThe Wellness Edit/ Holland & BarrettFollow us here Gemma Newman Lottie Drynan@lottiedrynan @youvegutthis