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Changing the Disability Design Narrative

Season 2, Ep. 25

Ep. #25: This week we’re talking about designing withdisability, rather than fordisability, with my guest Liz Jackson. Liz is a disability advocate who is trying to shift the disability narrative. We talked about how the way we currently approach disability in design can actually cause more problems that solutions for people with disabilities, and how language -  phrases we commonly use in design, like accessibility and inclusion, and even design thinking methodology - makes disabled people the recipients, rather than the drivers, of design. And what a product or design team can do to get the perspectives they need and make sure that disabled people are treated as the experts in disability.

(Transcript available online)

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Rie Norregaard- SY Partners

Medium article: Designing for Humanity: Do we need a new design frame?

Workshop Proceedings: Aging and Disability - Beyond Stereotypes to Inclusion: Proceedings of a Workshop(2018)

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Brief Answers to the Big Questions (Oct 16, 2018)

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