UX Cake

UX Cake is helping you become more effective in your UX work and career. Join host Leigh Allen-Arredondo as she speaks with leaders in the field from around the globe, bringing you practical advice to get the best outcomes for your work, your users, and your career in UX. Our guests include well-known leaders like Don Norman and Indi Young, as well as many less globally-known voices with fantastic insights to share, like disability designer & activist Liz Jackson, agile coach & UX champion Shayna Atkins, and UX team experts Mary & David Sherwin.

The podcast launched in February 2018 quickly grew an audience of UX pros around the globe. Our aim is to help the growing UX community become stronger and more effective, by sharing the experience and expertise from leaders in the field.

Leigh Allen-Arredondo

Leigh Allen-Arredondo is the founder & host of the UX Cake podcast (www.uxcake.co), and an experienced moderator, panelist, and speaker. Leigh is also a full-time UX Strategy consultant in Seattle, WA. She’s spent over 20 years leading UX teams and product design at companies large and small, from Amazon and Getty Images to start-ups and design agencies. Leigh’s favorite cake is UX Cake, but if that’s not available a nice warm chocolate lava cake will do.