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The Melchester Odyssey - Part 223

Bobby Robson calls Roy, Italian fingers, Don Howe on Blankety Blank, Roy is unscoutable, and Jimmy gets an agent. (Rec: 14/9/23)

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  • Playing Out - Part 1

    Feebleplay, the demise of playing out, an American chippy, film star Larry, and BMX talk.  Join the Iron Filings Society:
  • TFTM Gold: The Keane Odyssey - Part 2

    Roy clashes with Vieira then Fergie, signs for Celtic out of spite and encounters John Hartson's pop and crisps diet. (Rec: 17/10/18)  Join the Iron Filings Society:
  • Event Catering

    Man driving, deluxe bunking in, a difficult follow-up, political triggering, and the football.  Join the Iron Filings Society:
  • Our Long National Nightmare Is Over

    A sober-minded and thoughtful response to the 2024 General Election outcome.  Join the Iron Filings Society:
  • TFTM Gold: The Keane Odyssey - Part 1

    Our deep dive into Roy Keane's 'The Second Half' book begins here. Body iron loss, disdain for the Class of 92 and some terrible revelations about Sir Bobby Charlton. (Rec: 10/10/2018)  Join the IFS and hear all seven parts of The Keane Odyssey NOW at
  • Solar Gorilla Motorbike Statue

    The new way of doing things, reactions, that England match, and a sex shout-out. Extended version available on our Iron Filings Society service:
  • Cranking Down

    Some podding changes, a proposed trip, memory jumbles, Italians and ketchup, and the Falklands War.  Join the Iron Filings Society:
  • The Melchester Odyssey - Part 225

    Dundee United, man talk in a van, all-inclusive logistics, Jimmy turns up, Duncan relaxes with mice, and there’s some oil. (Rec: 27/9/23)    Join the Iron Filings Society:
  • The Roussos Odyssey - Part 3

    Names, pickling, tabs, Eurohits, and Demis meets Basil Brush before dying and getting a museum. (Rec: 27/9/23)  Join the Iron Filings Society: