Top Flight Time Machine

Andy Dawson & Sam Delaney - used to be football, all over the place now. Coins, ghosts, digging, dis, dat...

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  • The Melchester Odyssey - Part 223

    Bobby Robson calls Roy, Italian fingers, Don Howe on Blankety Blank, Roy is unscoutable, and Jimmy gets an agent. (Rec: 14/9/23)  Join the Iron Filings Society:

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  • The Roussos Odyssey - Part 1

    Dover, flags, a ferret, the 1968 Parisian protests, The Stone Roses, Daubs, mass online derision, and turning down GB News. (Rec: 13/9/23)  Join the Iron Filings Society:
  • Life Logistics - Odious Man

    Introducing yourself to neighbours, a Raggedy Ann update, assaulting a big bloke, alcohol at family functions, and new teapots. (Rec: 12/9/23)  Join the Iron Filings Society:
  • Time To Die?

    Pop concerts, terrace myths, weddings, crying, and science ignorance.  Join the Iron Filings Society:
  • Leg Meat Transplants

    Face-morphing, video premieres, god-tier pet-walking, a mauled listener, and a news round-up.  Join the Iron Filings Society:
  • The Melchester Odyssey - Part 222

    Sacks of birthday cards, Roy fights himself with tridents, Penny dresses up, a motorcade, a whip-round, a big reveal, and an amazing phone call… (Rec: 7/9/23)  Join the Iron Filings Society:
  • The Animal Kwackers Odyssey - Part 3

    The Kwackers’ spaceship, fat kid characters, Sam’s wrist, Bad Boy runs amok, and back to/from Popland. (Rec: 6/9/23) Join the Iron Filings Society: