The Race for the Ring


Good in Bed

Season 3, Ep. 107
This week on Race for the Ring, Mindie is joined by Sex and Intimacy Coach, Author, and host of the podcast, "Good Girls Talk About Sex," Leah Carey!In this episode, Leah and Mindie talk about sex, baby! Having grown up in a home that was deeply confused and conflicted around sexuality – and with a father who told her she was fat, ugly, and no one would ever love her – Leah spent most of her life in fear of her own femaleness and the trouble it could get her into. Now, at 42 years, Leah shares began a profound journey into sexual healing and found her sexual awakening. Listen closely as Leah explains how to talk about sex with a current or potential partner before you take your clothes off, so you both have a more satisfying experience, and how to ask for what you really want, instead of just accepting (or tolerating) what you’re getting!Follow Leah Carey:Website: to the "Good Girls Talk About Sex" Podcast: BarnettWebsite: The Race for the Ring PodcastInstagram: by Laurie VerbinskiEdited by Danielle Gordon