The Race for the Ring

After ending her 10-year marriage, celebrity publicist, author, motivational speaker and future psychotherapist, Mindie Barnett entered the new world of dating. Out of the game for more than a decade, she was stunned by the influx of Tinder, Bumble and Hinge suitors coming at her at full speed … and the “bravery” of the men as they boldly shared their hopes, dreams and fantasies with her! Wow! Dating in the digital world seemed to have taken over a whole new way of doing business and she wanted to explore and know why and how to maneuver this unknown territory in her quest for love.

In this funny, witty and informative podcast about dating and love – Mindie interviews her tribe of high-profile and equally single friends, dating experts and public figures. Each week, they’ll dish about dating debacles, connection successes and embracing the notion of loving yourself. The Race for the Ring is every woman’s “race” not necessary to the altar but to catch her most prized possession – a partner, a friendship or simply owning one’s worth. Don’t miss this “Sex and the City” meets “The Morning Show” weekly podcast!