The Middle-Aged Candy Store


Episode 1

Season 1, Ep. 1

Welcome to the Middle-Aged Candy Store, by The Gathering!

Episode credits:

Karen performed by Karen Loomer

"Lifeslotter" written by Kristin Mueller-Heaslip and performed by Karen Loomer, Kristin Mueller-Heaslip, Tony Culverwell, Linda Febbleston, and Donnie Febbleston

Interstitial writing by Marc Gorcey

Theme music by Donnie Febbleston and performed by Linda Febbleston

Cover image by Amanda Matalanis

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S2E9: Fae Gate-Away 3: Pixie Dust to Pixie Dust/Alfred

Season 2, Ep. 9
Come on in to the Middle-Aged Candy Store. We're so glad you stopped by. Sit down and rest a spell and try this tasty little treat. Only you never know, is it going to be sour or sweet? The only way to find out is to listen.The Middle Aged Candy Store, produced by The Gathering.Fae Gate-Away - Pixie Dust To Pixie DustWritten by Megan LileyPerformed by Rachel Perry, Tony Culverwell, Donnie Febbleston, Kristin Mueller-Heaslip, and Megan LileySound design by Megan LileyAlfredWritten by Karen LoomerPerformed by Donnie FebblestonSound design by Tony Culverwell(Sugar Protester) Intro and interstitialsWritten by Tony CulverwellPerformed by Karen Loomer and Tony CulverwellSound design by Tony CulverwellAll sound effects licensed under Creative Commons 0 big middle-aged Thank You to:BPlayersforSugar Protesterdoor open close w/bell sound.kylesforSugar Protesteroutside street sound.TRPforSugar Protestercrow sound.paraplexforFae Gate-A-AwayA2 bass sound.tommccannforFae Gate-A-AwayExplosion_01 sound.flashdeejayforFae Gate-A-AwayBird flying away sound.LavinciforFae Gate-A-AwayAlien Voice sound.squeakdamouseforFae Gate-A-Awaysoulsofthedamned sound.Josh74000MCforFae Gate-A-Awaythunder3 sound.blaukreuzforFae Gate-A-Away120908-1835-FG-TDS-Obermarkt sound.SamsterBirdiesforFae Gate-A-Awaylaser sound.mrrap4foodforFae Gate-A-Awaycrowdcheer sound.klavo1985forFae Gate-A-Awaytechno by kk rise loop final sound.szegvariforFae Gate-A-Awayclub live concert DJ DeeJay EDM People's crowd chats party techno house music atmo atmosphere sound.TeacomaforFae Gate-A-AwayStraight techno beat sound.DrToastforFae Gate-A-AwayTechno Warning 125 bpm sound.Stereo SurgeonforFae Gate-A-AwayTechno horn 1 sound.FlashTraumaforAlfredclock ticking sound.tenkismforAlfredclock winding sound.Links art by Amanda Matalanis.Theme music by Donnie Febbleston and performed by Donnie and Linda Febbleston.The Middle-Aged Candy Store is a proud member of the We're Still Cool podcast network. New episodes appear the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month