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  • Working Holiday Visa Transform Lives. Couple Quits TikTok to Pick Australian Berries [Chills 149]

    Are you dreaming of going on exciting adventures outside of Singapore? Are you tired of the usual 9-5 routine and want more balance in your life? Well, then you should definitely listen to our next episode! We'll be sharing the unexpected journey of two young travelers in Australia.After finishing university, Jordan and Chloe felt the need to break free from his daily routine. So, on a whim, they applied for a Working Holiday Visa and hopped on a one-way flight to Perth, ready for whatever awaited him.At first, it started out with odd jobs like working on farms, but soon they discovered a whole new way of life in Australia. It was completely different from the busy hustle and bustle of home.However, it wasn't just the landscape that changed them. Tune in to hear about the challenges faced while adapting to a new country and the unexpected career changes Jordan and Chloe went through.You might be wondering, How did they spend their second year beyond backpacking? And what lessons did they bring back with him to Singapore from their time Down Under?If you want to find out what really happens when you step out of your comfort zone and seize new opportunities, then listen to our next episode. Their story might just inspire you to embark on your own exciting adventures. Join us on their journey to life with a working holiday visa in Australia!

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  • The BTO Ultimatum: Is Home Ownership a Dealbreaker for Singaporeans? [W&S 56 feat. Winifred Ling]

    When it comes to relationships in Singapore, is money the name of the game? Tune in and explore with us how major policies and financial pressures can strain even the strongest partnerships.Couples Therapist and Relationship Coach, Winifred Ling knows firsthand how health issues or home ownership stresses can secretly threaten what seems like a solid couple. But she also believes any hurdle can be overcome with honest communication.We discuss how to recalibrate expectations during the ups and downs of the dating ordeal. Winifred will share tips for addressing money talk and dealbreakers before it's too late.Could seeking an "economic benefit" be a red flag hiding deeper doubts? And what scenarios call for professional mediation? Get the insider perspective on relationships under Singapore's unique circumstances.It's an open discussion on the real challenges facing modern couples. So join us to learn proven strategies for navigating complexity with care, candor and your commitment intact. Relationship success starts here.
  • 55. So what is the good life in Singapore? [W&S 55 Ft Forward Singapore]

    We’re back with Part 2 of Forward Singapore!A recap; What is Forward Singapore? If you’ve not heard, it is an opportunity for all of us to come together, examine our values and aspirations, and build consensus for our future. What do we, as a people, want to see?We had the hosts engrossed themselves in a lengthy production document (180 pages to be exact), which was a fascinating read. Today we'll continue our thought-provoking discussion around balancing work and life in Singapore and some of the softer topics like family and social issues.Rakaesh and Anthony also want to chat about recent market updates and how certain policies could be improved. One hint: longevity is on the table.With increasing time pressures and a renewed focus on well-being, how can we optimize our daily routines? And what role does the community play in this new normal?Tune in for thoughtful perspectives on striking a sustainable work-life rhythm plus innovative ideas around co-living, multi-generational housing, and more.It'll be an insightful conversation that will help us envision the future of harmony here in the Lion City. You will want to save this.
  • Pro Insights on Brand Building, Profit Tactics and Growth Hacks [Chills 148 feat WorldFirst]

    Get ready to step into the dynamic world of e-commerce! In our upcoming podcast episode, we'll introduce you to fascinating entrepreneurs who have found innovative ways to succeed in this ever-evolving industry.Join us as we meet Thomas, the mastermind behind Steady Compounding, and uncover his genius method of monetizing through a paywall.We'll also introduce you to the rising star, Chanel, Founder of Tasty Toastys, and reveal how they cleverly used NFTs to attract a global audience and transformed her dreams into a thriving business empire.But it's not all smooth sailing. We'll tackle the common challenges faced by e-commerce beginners, from payment problems to generating initial traffic.You'll gain valuable insights on branding, monetization, and expanding your market reach straight from successful entrepreneurs. Plus, we'll share expert advice on choosing the right platforms and pricing strategies for your business.If you're ready to take the plunge into the world of e-commerce, join us on our podcast and let us guide you on your path to success. Get ready to turn your dreams into a thriving reality!Also to help our coconuts kick-start your e-commerce journey, you can start saving more when you transfer money abroad! WorldFirst is supercharging its promotion to give you 10x more chances to send funds fee-free from now until April 2024. Register today and enter code “WFTFC01” under the invitation code. SGD150 worth of savings will be yours when you claim your 10 Zero Payment Fee vouchers. Start now - sign up in minutes to lower your overseas costs and boost your bottom line. Click the link before time runs out!Registration link: code: WFTFC01 More details on this promo here:
  • Can we build a new Singapore Dream Together [W&S 54 Ft Forward Singapore]

    Are you ready to rethink the future of Singapore? On our latest episode, our hosts digested 180 pages from Forward Singapore and will dive deep into the movement and the big ideas it puts forth.The government wants citizens empowered to shape our evolving identity, but is the vision clearer in theory than practice? We'll debate where this plan for progress hits the mark, and where it leaves listeners wanting more.Join us as we dissect themes of new opportunities on the horizon - from entrepreneurship to nurturing local innovation. We'll also question if the support truly matches the responsibility citizens are being asked to take on.Does the path ahead promote true inclusion, or does the journey still favor some over others? Tune in to hear spirited discussion on charting a course for Singapore that writes its next chapter authentically from the ground up.You don't want to miss our candid conversation challenging both praise and critiques of this national framework. Listen now as we move the discussion from page to passion. The future is unwritten - but your voice could help shape where we're headed.
  • Master Your Money Mindset: Unveiling The Secrets Of Financial Persona [OCBC FWI 2023]

    Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of financial personas in our latest episode! We'll be exploring how these personalities shape our approach to money, secrets to leverage your financial persona type, and sharing real-life examples — including OCBC’s Financial Wellness Index (FWI) Findings 2023.Discover this new financial persona test, uncover your strengths and weaknesses, and learn effective strategies to manage them. From enthusiastic dreamers to goal-oriented planners, we'll embark on the different financial personalities and their unique approaches.Learn how your inner world influences your financial decisions and why it's important not to get too fixed on labels. Plus, we'll reveal powerful tools like little habits and quarterly balance sheets that can help you achieve your financial goals. Don't miss out on expert tips for managing weaknesses, such as overcoming procrastination and avoiding unnecessary losses.Find out what's your Financial Persona type here: us as we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of financial wellness and uncover the secrets to balancing excitement and creativity with financial success. Stay financially savvy and take the test to explore your own financial personality. You won't want to miss it!
  • Mastering First Impressions : Insider Tips for Interviews to Acing Dates [W&S 53]

    We all know that first impressions matter, but how much do they really affect our lives? Get ready for a fun episode as we gather our Financial Coconut Show hosts, Reggie, Dawn, Rakaesh and Sian and get them to reveal their first impressions of each other, and if it changed over time. From appearances to grooming, they explore the impact of first impressions and how they shape relationships and people's perceptions of us. They’ll also share some personal tips on how to make a good first impression for your next job interview, date, or social event. Tune in to this fun and insightful conversation that will make you reconsider the power of first impressions and challenge you to think twice about how you present yourself to the world