The Disc-Course


Episode 47: Moist Good Movies

Season 2, Ep. 21

Content warnings for this episode include: magical compulsion/mind control, building explosions, animal death, body horror, suicide, and discussion of implicit racism.

In our blockbuster finale, Mark is back, and we say goodbye to Holy Wood, once again wishing for better things for Terry's female leads. The day is saved, the monsters defeated, and our heroes wander off into the sunset. That's all folks!

This week in the Disc-Course: troll Hallmark movie, disctakes, bode check, another giant lady, oops all spoilers, the husband brigade, Death's Hallmark movie, dropping the ankle weights, 12 angry old men, reverse King Kong, museum pieces, Counterweight Continent Town, end of Evangelion, decidedly not woman, Wizards Find Corpse Take 3, ancestral memory, legitimate cthinema, Massachusetts brain poisoning, the power of uncles, broken dreams, and radiation poisoning.

Click here for Windle Poon's wheelchair

For those playing along at home: Read up to page 54 in Reaper Man (depending on your edition of the book), ending on the line: "He turned and, hardly bothering to keep his own heart beating, went back to the University."


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