The Disc-Course


Episode 52: Release Bill Door

Season 2, Ep. 26

Content warnings for this episode include: mentions of insects and spiders, head injuries, and child murder, and discussion of ableism, body horror, fascism, racism, and antisemitism

As we reach the dramatic climax of Reaper Man, our friend Bill Door defeats the new Death who's a real jerk, and the members to the Fresh Start Club go to the mall :)

This week on the Disc-Course: a billion lesser podcasts, posting praxis, newt-rients, hoard mode, a capital idea, dead malls, divergent evolution, money now, communist bees, ew death, bony balls, he/it queen, the full scope of literature, von Grover Haus, escalator fear, hit da bricks, mid-2000's anime, head boomer, a normal person, special Jess edition, and flesh building.

Click here for a tiktok from the NY trucking convention

Click here for Anatomy by Kitty Horrorshow

Click here for the gunshow comic that is Jess

Click here for the not good translation of book text into digital form

For those playing along at home: Finish Reaper Man!


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