The Disc-Course


Episode 51: Happy Spooky Season

Season 2, Ep. 25

Content warnings for this episode include: racism, transphobia, and animal violence

As we continue Reaper Man, chaos ensues in Ankh-Morpork as the harmless snow globes turn out to not be harmless at all, and the future is now as our friend Bill Door meets the Combination Harvester.

This week in the Disc-Course: tranq-free since '93, the Millennial Hunger, big water, boys' night, the spell of ratio, male virtue names, industrialization is bad, one more end of history, a special scythe for a special boy, ghost rules, city ovipositor, mom bus, thought terminating sentence, poor little peats, weird technicolor alligator, and a Minnesota battle cry.

For those playing along at home: Read up to page 286 in Reaper Man (depending on your edition of the book), ending on the line: "'And he owes me a farthing, too."


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