The Disc-Course


Episode 53: Mr. Death Goes to Oblivion

Season 2, Ep. 27

Content warnings for this episode include: racism, body horror, queerphobia, suicide, and mentions of terminal illness

As we wrap up Reaper Man, kind and empathetic order is restored to the Discworld once again, but I can't help feeling like we're forgetting something...

This week in the Disc-Course: blind reaction, the cooler Windle, vore brat, muffled by accessories, old men shenanigans quotient, More Death, book freaks and wiki monsters, nerds from sheds, science lore, go woke go broke NASA, short king, sadness gremlin, mother I have transcended, big clock energy, chocolate facts, a dress made of diamonds, hungry little treat boy, skeleton music, undance, NTR November, caring is cringe, wheatcorn, and after credits scenes.

For those playing along at home: Read up to page 53 in Witches Abroad (depending on your edition of the book), ending on the line: "Granny beamed. 'I knew 'e would have heard of me," she said.'"


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