The Disc-Course


Episode 46: Ancient Animal House

Season 2, Ep. 20

Content warnings for this episode include: mention of animal dismemberment, climate anxiety, school shootings, gun violence, racism, fatphobia, also a little discussion of right wing politics in India and nationalist myth making therein.

Nearing the grand finale, the gang goes to the grand premiere of Blown With the Wind...I mean...Gone Away...wait that's not right. Anyway, everything is super normal, don't worry about it.

This week on the Disc-Course: old ass baby names, fast food training videos, go to Holy Wood and tell lies, yetis, Sydney Not Safe for Work, shoutouts to Archie, book covers, Dean Henry and John Hix, the Foot Man, a literal child, real fake beards, ribs wins, impure science, mountain smarts, poonnip, kids these days, Red Red Redemption, the Dibbler man, and the Eric Defender.

Click here for the hot drinks training video from Wendy's

Click here for Surviving Edged Weapons

Click here for images of the Sydney dust storm

Click here for French Discworld covers that kick ass

Click here for Unpacking RRR, Indian Politics, and Cinema

Click here for Josh Kirby's rose astronaut


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