The Disc-Course


Episode 38: Rage Pee

Season 2, Ep. 12

Content warnings for this episode include mind control, animal abuse, immolation, and abduction.

As we continue Guards, Guards, so too does the dragon king of Ankh-Morpork continue his ruinous reign, and progress demands sacrifice. Human sacrifice to be exact! And y'know what, as long as it's nobody we know, it's totally fine to throw people to the violent machine :)

Oh wait, it's Sybil? Aw, geez...

This week in the Disc-Course:the trial of Speepy, Dragonfuckers of Pern, sad lads, Tortured Silence Academia, the rats and the worms, a case of Goemon ass, one good citizen, state violence is the same, Nobby and the Good Cops, plume allowance, Columbo scene, the guy who wrote the laws, bake him away, Discworld Cosmo, dungeon snakes, baby bow, wife isn't an emotion, and the lizard brain.

For those playing along at home: Finish Guards, Guards!


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