The Disc-Course


Episode 31: The Kingdom Owners' Association

Season 2, Ep. 5

Content warnings for this episode include: mentions of organ removal, death, and discussion of animal abuse.

After a mostly unhelpful trip to the symposium, Teppic reunites with an old friend from Kill a Guy school and resolves to save his Kingdom while the armies of Tsort and Ephebe march to war. Meanwhile in the Old Kingdom, King Teppicymon and his new embalmer buddies start tomb raiding.

This week in the Disc-Course: the evil that is daylight savings, collecting your thoughts, scooby-doo hallway, 5-hour youtube videos, listener invoice, damn messy vibes, shapes quiz, serve cunt and die, hip young buildings, fictional band canon, pervert sex tattoos, Maldives 2, funged tokens, some kind of reverse pyramid scheme, rescuing grandmama, math eye, and being one step ahead.

For those playing along at home: Finish Pyramids!


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