The Disc-Course


Episode 26: Granny's Final Smash

Season 1, Ep. 26

Content warnings for this episode include brief violence, death, alcohol use, and animal attacks

As we finish Wyrd Sisters, the Duke's play comes to a farcical conclusion, Lancre gets a new king, and everyone lives or dies happily ever after. That's it. That's the book, goodbye.

Today in the Disc-Course: Getting up on stage and telling lies, Duke Felmet Miku binder, naturally gifted people, divers alarums, lead bones, director madness, knife puns, funky little humans, the play dimension, antifa super soldiers, No Nut Nonagenarian, be king Kingboy, deep fried saints, burning your birth certificate, Verence 2: Sequel to Verence, Choose Your Father, Berenstain 451, the world's Florida, and 2 Fool sons.

For those playing along at home:Read up to page 57 in Pyramids (depending on your edition of the book), ending on the line: "Later, on, the pharaoh felt awfully embarrassed about it."


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