The Disc-Course


Episode 25: Timothee Charlemagne

Season 1, Ep. 25

Content warnings for this episode include [fantasy] racism and brief implied trans/homophobia, brief physical violence, mentions of insects, and pandemic discussion (if you'd rather avoid it)

The gang's all here this week for the penultimate chapter of Wyrd Sisters where *Kronk voice* Oh yeah, it's all coming together. Hwel works feverishly on his play about totally real and true events of Lancre history while he, Tomjon, and the lads, take a witch-aided road trip.

Today in the Disc-Course: hit movies Red and Red 2, Nanny Ogg's Dickworld books, orc lore, shortface, fancy acting name, keen on the wave machine, art (derogatory), pancakes of Theseus, the writing process, weird short dad, a ghost told me to, soggy toast sandwich, jorts boner, calendar freak, Magrat Pataki, summer blockbusters, get to the play factory, overly friendly uber passenger, jingling friends, Girlboss Gatekeeps Gaslighting, Happy birthday Zlorf, and the worst high school play.

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For those playing along at home: Finish Wyrd Sisters!


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