The Disc-Course


Episode 24: Unrelated Clown Mugging

Season 1, Ep. 24

Content warnings for this episode include self harm, physical and verbal abuse, falling from great heights, and [fantasy] racism.

This week, the gang continues Wyrd Sisters sans Holly; Big City Granny does some big time magic, and we catch up with Tomjon on the mean streets of Ankh-Morpork.

Today in the Disc-Course: communal car driving, Rise and Grind (your hands), Duke Felmet's If I Did It, Granny Weatherwax: Round Earther, #FreeGreebo, real goth hours, selling a murder house, terrible awful plan, believe in the me who believes in you, the god of going 'oof,' a reliable 6, one song, Joker College, deepfake Christianity, AFAB, Nanny Ogg wants YOU to Fuck, two girlbosses winning, three clowns, media literacy, murder river, Ghost Clown, monkey with a gun energy, then everyone clapped, cultural authenticity, and Flannelfoot lore.

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For those playing along at home: Read up to page 303 in Wyrd Sisters (depending on your edition of the book), ending on the line: "It would be nice to say it tingled under his hand. Perhaps it did."


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