The Chronically Courageous with Bonni Howard


Bonni Gets Interviewed by The Lawyer of Attraction

Season 2, Ep. 45

It has been nearly a year since Bonni launched The Chronically Courageous podcast, so she wanted to share her story with any new listeners and also catch her loyal listeners up on what she foresees for her future and the future of the show.  

Bonni was recently interviewed on The Lawyer of Attraction podcast and thought what better way to share where she’s been and where she sees herself going than to share her recent interview.  

Some things you’ll learn:

  • Bonni’s chronic illness story (4:38)
  • What Bonni discovered beyond traditional medical treatment (11:40)
  • The importance of following your intuition (21:12) 
  • How the Law of Attraction is helping Bonni on her healing journey (34:43)

Some questions Paula asks Bonni:

  • Did you start the podcast to do the healing or did the healing come after you started doing the podcast? (15:35)
  • Were you trying to find people who were chronically ill to talk on the podcast? (17:01)
  • When do you think you really started listening to your intuition? (21:59)
  • What do you think was the catalyst to make you start loving yourself? (27:01)
  • How did you meet your fiancé? (28:30)
  • What can people do who are on this journey of chronic illness and trying to heal? (32:30)

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