The Breakdown with Orla Chennaoui and Greg Rutherford

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Mark Cavendish

Season 1, Ep. 1
Eurosport is delighted to announce the launch of a brand-new podcast taking you into the heart of elite sport, The Breakdown with Orla Chennaoui and Greg Rutherford.With new episodes every Tuesday, Warner Bros. Discovery presenters Orla and Greg meet sports stars and celebrities, breaking down the components of success, the battles common to us all, and the elements of sport that unify each and every one of us.The season kicks off with British Cycling legend Mark Cavendish. The most successful sprinter in the history of the Tour de France opens up like never before on his battles with depression, a condition he admits to dismissing in the past, his relationship with teammate Fabio Jakobsen, that Eddy Merckx record and a brilliant story about his team initiation. This sets the tone for a podcast which delivers raw reflections and unrivaled insights.The breakdown is a three-way conversation breaking down the elements of success and the lessons learned through sport. Every week, broadcaster and journalist Orla Chennaoui and Olympic Champion Greg Rutherford speak to elite athletes, celebrities and renowned experts in their field to break down the ways in which their successes and failures can help us all.The Breakdown is presented by Orla Chennaoui and Greg RutherfordProduction Manager: Maria PilkingtonAudio edit and mix: Pete BurtonFootage edit: Phil Golston and Pete BurtonCameras: Marco Camilloni and Pete BurtonProduced by Orla Chennaoui and Pete Burton