The Breakdown with Orla Chennaoui and Greg Rutherford


Jamie Chadwick

Season 1, Ep. 2

We've been blown away by the reaction to our first episode of The Breakdown (check out the chat with Mark Cavendish if you haven't already) - and we hope you enjoy episode two just as much as Orla and Greg sit down with Jamie Chadwick.

Jamie is the two-time reigning champion of the W Series and tells us what it's like to have the one and only Caitlyn Jenner as a team boss, having signed for Jenner Racing for the 2022 season, which began with a double-header of victories in Miami at the weekend.

She is also part of the Williams development programme and tells us about her dream of racing in F1, and the pitfalls and pathways to achieving it. We learn what it's like to be a female racing driver in a world designed for men, what the sport can do to encourage more female talent to progress to the top - and the part she is playing to actively make that happen.

Oh, and Jamie shockingly reveals she isn't very good at parking....

The Breakdown is presented by Orla Chennaoui and Greg Rutherford

Production Manager: Maria Pilkington

Audio edit and mix: Pete Burton

Footage edit: Phil Golston and Pete Burton

Cameras: Marco Camilloni and Pete Burton

Produced by Orla Chennaoui and Pete Burton

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