The Breakdown with Orla Chennaoui and Greg Rutherford


Sir Chris Hoy

Season 1, Ep. 3

Greg and Orla’s latest guest on The Breakdown is track cycling royalty Sir Chris Hoy. The six-time Olympic champion dives into a range of topics on our new podcast, including the dangers of comparison, using visualisation for focus, and how revered sports psychologist Steve Peters “changed my life”.

We also discuss the importance of smiling, and the psychology behind using that as a weapon in elite sport, in a fascinating insight into high performance from one of its very best practitioners.

However, the conversation begins with a raw, emotional reflection on the tragic death of cycling journalist Richard Moore, a good friend to both Orla and Chris, whose loss is greatly felt.

The Breakdown is presented by Orla Chennaoui and Greg Rutherford

Production Manager: Maria Pilkington

Audio edit and mix: Pete Burton

Footage edit: Phil Golston and Pete Burton

Cameras: Marco Camilloni and Pete Burton

Produced by Orla Chennaoui and Pete Burton

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