The AdPod

Wayne Blodwell chats with expert guests about specific topics impacting the advertising industry

  • S3 E7 - Ollie Shayer - Retail Media

    This week Wayne sits down with Ollie Shayer who is the Omni-Media Director at Boots UK.In this episode they discuss the rise of retail media networks. Ollie's role covers both the buy and sell side at Boots UK, so provides fantastic perspectives on how to work collaboratively within a business, putting the customer first and what the future of retail media looks like.
  • S3 E6 - TPA Digital - Future of AdTech

    In this episode Wayne chats with Dan, Dani and James from TPA Digital, a leading AdTech consultancy.TPA Digital recently released a series of whitepapers on the future of AdTech which can be found using the links below and in this episode they discuss the future of each of these episodes.Future of DSPs - of SSPs - of clean rooms -
  • S3 E5 - Tom Denford - Media Agency Pitches

    In this episode Wayne chats with Tom Denford who is the CEO of ID Comms, a global digital media consultancy. In this episode Wayne & Tom chat about media agency pitches.Media agency pitches are quite an unknown entity for those on the outside, so in this episode, Wayne & Tom get into detail about why pitches exist, what makes a good pitch and how the pitch process is transforming.Article referenced in the podcast on why & when to call an agency pitch -
  • S3 E4 - Rob Webster - Digital Measurement

    In this episode Wayne chats with media legend Rob Webster about digital measurement. Digital measurement is one of the highest priorities for advertisers today and Rob shares his experience and expertise on how they should consider the topic, particularly in light of the changes by Apple, Google and regulators. Hope you enjoy!
  • S3 E3 - Helene Parker & Shiv Gupta - Digital Media Education

    In this episode Wayne chats with Helene Parker & Shiv Gupta about the role of education in the digital media industry. They talk about balancing 'on the job' education vs 'extra-curricular', whether or not graduates are ready for the industry when they enter it and also the variety of resources available.Check out both of their company websites for access to them and their great content + knowledge:
  • S3 E2 - Rachel Smith - Trade Press

    In this episode Wayne chats with Rachel Smith the Co-Founder and CEO of ExchangeWire. They talk about the role of the trade press, how it has evolved and what to expect from it in future.
  • S3 E1 - Dr Fou - Ad Fraud

    Welcome back to a new season of The AdPod! In this episode Wayne chats with world renowned ad fraud expert, Dr Fou.
  • S2 - Finale - Tom Goodwin - Reflect and Predict

    In this episode of The AdPod, Wayne sits down with author, TV presenter and consultant, Tom Goodwin, on trends from 2022 and predictions for 2023.This episode is full of interesting thoughts on remote working, monetizing time, brand building vs performance marketing, recession and trust.Enjoy!
  • S2 - E10 - Rachel Mervis - Programmatic Transparency

    In this episode of The AdPod, Wayne chats about Programmatic Transparency with Rachel Mervis, Global Programmatic Capability Lead at Kimberly-Clark.In this episode they cover how you can achieve it, why it's important and plenty of practical tips on how to bring people on the journey.