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S3 E11 - Paul Gubbins - Programmatic Sales

In this episode Wayne is joined by Paul Gubbins. Paul is VP of CTV Strategy at Publica and one of the most known well people in the world on programmatic.

Wayne and Paul chat about how Paul got into the digital industry, how & why to upskill in programmatic, barriers to programmatic adoption, acronyms(!) and much more.

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  • S4 E4 - Christopher Kenna - Diverse Media

    In this episode Wayne chats with Christopher Kenna who is the Founder and North America CEO of Brand Advance Group, a collection of companies which help brands and agencies reach under-represented audiences via technology. Christopher is one of the most vocal people to talk about diverse media, and in this episode Wayne asks what diverse media is, why it's important and what can happen when brands work with diverse media successfully.
  • S4 E3 - Myles Younger - Knowledge Asymmetry

    Wayne is joined by Myles Younger who is head of innovation and insights at U Of Digital. Myles experience spans all sides of the industry and in this episode Wayne & Myles chat about knowledge asymmetry, what the impact of it is, where it exists the most and how to manage it.You can find Myles on LinkedIn here -
  • S4 E2 - Ana Milicevic - Media

    In this episode Wayne is joined by Ana Milicevic, Co-Founder at Sparrow Advisers, a leading digital advisory firm.Media is the location in which ads are consumed, so a pretty important topic for an advertising podcast to cover! Ana speaks about the evolution of media, particularly how the economics have changed, how different media channels have changed and what that means for advertisers.In this episode Wayne & Ana reference a brilliant article from the Sparrow One newsletter, which can be found here -
  • S4 E1 - Matt Sattel - SSPs

    In this episode Wayne is joined by Matt Sattel, SVP of Global Buyer Development at OpenX, a leading global supply side platform.SSPs are one of the earliest adtech categories and over the years their role in enabling supply to connect with demand has evolved. In some cases, many call into question if they are even necessary in the current programmatic market.Wayne & Matt cover their evolution, their purpose, and what the future of them is.

    Welcome back to another season of The AdPod! In this episode Wayne is joined by a new co-host and they discuss what is upcoming for Season 4.
  • S3 FINALE - Avinash Kaushik - AI in Digital Marketing

    In the series finale, Wayne chats with Avinash Kaushik about AI in Digital Marketing. Avinash is a well renowned digital marketing expert spending 15 years at Google and how he's Chief Strategy Officer at Croud.In this episode Wayne and Avinash chat about the current inflection point of AI in digital marketing, terminology semantics, how AI can be applied in practice and whether AI will take all of our jobs.It's a fascinating conversation and I hope you really enjoy it.
  • S3 E10 - Tom Triscari - ANA Programmatic Report

    In this episode Wayne sits down with Tom Triscari, a programmatic economist and founder of Lemonade Projects. Tom helped the ANA (association of national advertisers in the USA) with their long awaited report into the programmatic supply chain.In this episode Tom & Wayne discuss;The findings of the reportInformation asymmetryMisaligned incentivesTips that buyers can take to overcome issues highlightedThe 'first look' report can be found here -
  • S3 E9 - Digital Ad Job Market - Ed Steer

    In this episode Wayne chats with Ed Steer, Founder and CEO of leading recruitment firm Sphere Digital Recruitment about the digital advertising job market. They discuss how the hiring process is changing, the role of contractors, the current job market (particularly recent layoffs) and what the future job market looks like.