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  • 1. Knife of Dreams: Prologue - Chapter 2

    More happens in almost the first 10 pages of Knife of Dreams than in the entirety of Crossroads of Twilight, and Preeti and Jenn are pretty psyched about it! Action check, weird character choices also check. Apologies in advance for the less-than-perfect audio -- we were recording whilst in a cabin in the woods and did our best, but the closing section in particular is much louder than the rest of the episode, so y'all are forewarned! Next section: Chapters 3-9

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  • 7. Crossroads of Twilight: Chapters 27 - Epilogue

    Preeti and Jenn made it to the end, and they are VERY MAD ABOUT A LOT OF THINGS. But also there are some amazing character moments in here, so that's nice? Regardless, we made it!Next episode: Knife of Dreams, Prologue - Chapter 2
  • 6. Crossroads of Twilight: Chapters 21-26

    In which a couple things finally happen, and Jenn and Preeti talk about Darkfriend motivation, ghosts (??), and (as always) pacing. Next section: Chapters 27-EpilogueCome join us at Loyalty Bookstore's virtual event with Lex Croucher on January 20th!
  • 5. Crossroads of Twilight: Chapters 16-20

    Are you prepared for not much else to happen? Jenn and Preeti do get super annoyed about character assassination for the first time in a while, so there's that.Next episode: Chapters 21-26
  • 3. Crossroads of Twilight: Chapters 11-15

    This has to be a record for most chapters discussed in the shortest amount of time, right? Not very much happens, except Jenn and Preeti disagreeing about which POV worked best for them.Next: Chapters 16-19
  • 4. Crossroads of Twilight: Chapters 7-10

    In which Jenn and Preeti both have rants, one about stakes and one about numbers, find themselves unexpectedly pro-Faile, and come up with at least three new t-shirt ideas.Next section: Chapters 11-15
  • 2. Crossroads of Twilight: Chapters 2-6

    Surprising no one, not that much happens, but we have lots of opinions and questions anyway! At least we get a decent amount of Mat.Next episode: Chapters 7-10