Tar Valon Or Bust

Longtime fans Jenn and Preeti revisit the Wheel of Time series in preparation for the TV show’s launch, and dig into their personal connections with the books, how well they hold up, and what they think will make it to screen. Join them for two episodes a month, featuring recaps of the books and the show (eventually), interviews, recommendations, obsessing about Mat Cauthon, and more.

Jenn Northington

Jenn Northington is a former bookseller, co-editor of the SWORD STONE TABLE anthology with Swapna Krishna (2021), & wears various hats at Riot New Media Group.

Preeti Chhibber

Preeti Chhibber has written for SYFY, Polygon, and The Mary Sue, among others, and her books Orientation (Marvel’s Avenger’s Assembly #1) & A Jedi You Will Be are out now!