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  • Crafting Homes with Heart and Style - Danielle Scandrett

    Danielle is a seasoned professional with over two decades of national experience in curating exquisite residential designs. Originally hailing from Melbourne, she recently made the Sunshine Coast her home, where she now leads her boutique Interior Design Studio nestled in the serene setting of Coolum Beach. Throughout her illustrious career, Danielle has lent her expertise to a diverse array of high-end residential and commercial projects. Her forte lies in providing clients with a bespoke service, seamlessly integrating their visions into tangible realities that exceed expectations. Specializing in crafting homes that epitomize intentionality, wellbeing, and balance, Danielle's design philosophy perfectly resonates with individuals seeking a harmonious living environment. Her interiors are renowned for their impeccable quality, a testament to her extensive knowledge and fruitful collaborations with artisans and suppliers cultivated over the years. Danielle's commitment to the design community extends beyond her studio walls. As a former Council Member representing Interior Decoration & Design for the Vic/Tas Branch of the Design Institute of Australia, she played a pivotal role in fostering talent and innovation within the industry. Her dedication was further exemplified through her tenure as Convenor and Judge for the prestigious Graduate of Year Awards in 2015 and 2016. Recognized as a luminary in her field, Danielle's work has graced the pages of esteemed publications such as Luxury Home Design and Design & Decoration. Her insights into the world of design were also showcased in a "Meet the Designers" feature for Grand Designs Magazine. Additionally, Danielle's talent garnered international recognition when she was invited to submit her work to the esteemed Andrew Martin Interior Design Review. With a passion for creating spaces that transcend mere functionality and evolve into cherished sanctuaries, Danielle continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of interior design, one impeccably curated space at a time

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  • Retro Revolution: Cafe Racer Innovators Revive '60s Charm - Ben Taylor + Steve Payne

    Beachman: From Dream to RealityOn this TALKdesign Episode, Ben Taylor and Steve Payne from Beachman share their inspiring entrepreneurial journey. Founded in 2016, Beachman Life began with Ben's vision for retro-inspired products. In 2019, he joined forces with Steve, a motorcycle mechanic, to create electric mopeds that combine accessibility with modern appeal. The idea was inspired by vintage designs and a passion for stylish, high-quality bikes. Ben's marketing and design expertise, coupled with Steve's technical skills, led to the creation of Beachman's first production bikes.They quickly moved from concept to prototype, showcasing their shared willingness to take risks. Steve built the initial prototype from a Kawasaki frame, and they collaborated with a factory in China to refine the design. Despite challenges like design theft, they focused on innovation and rapid production. Their initial risk, funded by Steve’s home mortgage line of credit, paid off when they quickly sold their first 30 bikes, leading to a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.Beachman faced significant challenges, such as supply chain disruptions, but persevered, expanding into a larger warehouse. Their commitment to authenticity and brand values remains steadfast, ensuring each new product aligns with their vision of a life well lived. Future plans include expanding into North America and Europe, and developing unique lifestyle accessories and electric car conversions, all while maintaining their core ethos.Tune in for a fascinating episode with Ben Taylor & Steve Payne.
  • Daniel Bruce Lee + Marina Bourderonnet - FAME Architects

    David Bruce Lee and Marina Bourderonnet are the founding partners of FAME Architecture & Design, each boasting 12 years of professional experience in architecture and design. David is a Registered Architect in California, Nevada, Florida, and New York, and holds a Master of Urban Design from City College of New York, along with a Bachelor of Architecture from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, where he also studied sustainable environments and music and architecture at Les Ecoles d'Art Américaines de Fontainebleau, France.Marina, also a Registered Architect in New York, graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris Val-de-Seine. She has additional training in sculpture, life drawing, art history, and film photography, contributing to her expertise in interior design and LEED projects.Together, they host The Second Studio Design and Architecture Show™, a leading podcast featuring interviews and discussions on architectural topics. Their portfolio spans dream homes and luxury high-rises across five continents, with accolades including display at the Museum of Modern Art and The Museum of the City of New York, and multiple national and international competition awards.Their notable projects include a first place-winning housing tower in Mexico City and a Brooklyn Community Center that received an honourable mention. Both David and Marina are active in academia and professional circles, teaching and speaking widely on architecture and design.
  • Designing Life: Culture, Creativity & Exploring virtual reality in Purva Jain's Architectural Vision

    Purva Design Studio specializes in client-centric architectural and interior design, focusing on the dreams and visions of their clients.This episode dives into the challenges and creativity Purva Jain undergoes when designing large homes with specialized spaces like home theatres and indoor basketball courts. Purva emphasizes a client-centric approach, tailoring designs to include bespoke features such as horse trails and third-floor pools.Influenced from her culture, Purva also discusses the cultural influences on her design approach, highlighting the differences between Indian and Western perceptions of homes as generational assets versus investments, which shapes her focus on both aesthetic and functional aspects of design. The podcast explores how adopting virtual reality technology has revolutionized client interactions by allowing immersive previews of architectural projects, enhancing client engagement and satisfaction.When it comes to designing homes, adapting to the evolving life stages of clients is what Purva refers to as "future pacing." She shares a personal anecdote about her favourite space in her own home—a calm-inducing office with a reading nook, illustrating the deep emotional connections people can have with spaces that accommodate significant life moments. Overall, the episode delves into how personal experiences, cultural values, and technological advancements intersect in modern architectural practice, providing a comprehensive view of Purva Jain's approach to architecture and design.
  • Architectural Maverick Brian Laubenthal Reshapes Phoenix with Innovation

    Brian's architectural journey began with childhood inspirations from Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater and experiences like the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse, igniting his passion for architecture's connection with nature. After studying at the University of Michigan and Arizona State University, Brian co-founded Aline Architecture, navigating challenges like the recession. Moving forward, Aline Architecture prioritizes sustainability and community engagement. They specialize in renovating existing buildings, preserving their character while minimizing waste. In residential design, they focus on creating immersive experiences, drawing inspiration from restaurant design. In extreme climates like Arizona, their designs prioritize comfort and sustainability. Despite challenges, Phoenix's resilience and focus on community revitalization inspire Aline Architecture's future endeavours.Join our discussion on the future vision within Aline Architecture, value-driven approaches, renovations and repurposing, residential design philosophy, learning from restaurant design, climate considerations and community revitalization.
  • Daniel Lee - Engaging Spaces: The Art of Intuitive Design

    Daniel's academic experience at Berkeley further broadened his perspective, exposing him to diverse climates and architectural styles that influenced his approach. Mentors like Renee Chow played pivotal roles in shaping his understanding and appreciation of architecture.Reflecting on the impact of digital tools, Daniel highlights the transition from hand-drawn to digital designs and the challenges of maintaining spatial intuition. However, advancements like VR and real-time rendering enhance client interaction, bridging the gap between designer intent and perception.The conversation delves into architectural manipulation of space, the influence of environment on design, and the integration of historic elements into modern settings. Daniel emphasizes client-centric design, valuing emotional connections to spaces and the importance of engagement through discovery.
  • Kristina LoMonaco - Turn Nothing into Something

    Kristina LoMonaco, an interior designer based in both New York and London, returned to the podcast to discuss her life's recent changes, including making a new friend through the host and adjusting to a slower pace in London due to health challenges. "One of the key takeaways from our conversation was the idea that productivity is subjective and personal. We discussed how individuals have the autonomy to define their own scale of productivity, whether it involves reading five pages or making $100,000 in a month. I particularly loved your insight that these moments of quiet reflection serve as points of value in our lives, regardless of external validation and we all need to find “a breathable pace.”  Kristina emphasizes the importance of positivity and choosing happiness, even in difficult situations. Her approach, influenced by a trip to Bali and her experiences during a health diagnosis, focuses on personal growth and resilience. Kristina now prioritizes self-care and integrates nature into her design work, reflecting on the rapid societal pace post-pandemic and the need for introspection and healing.