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Christopher Travis

Christopher K. Travis is the founder and lead designer for Truehome Design.Build. He designed and built a broad variety of residential and historic projects in Texasfrom 1995 to 2014, including high-end new homes, ranches and estates, major remodeling, historic restoration and adaptive re-use of historic structures, historic and light commercial projects. From 1995 until 2013, Travis was the founder, lead designer and Managing Partner of Sentient Architecture, LLC, (Formerly Round Top Architecture). He partnered with commercial architect, Robert Brett Pitt, in that enterprise serving the rural areas of South Central Texas and the Austin, Texas environs. In 2013, the partners formed individual enterprises and Travis moved his design practice into Truehome Design.Build.Travisis an expert on the adaptive re-use of period materials and artifacts, as well as human factors based architectural programming for residential projects. He is the author of the Truehome Workshop and the originator of that systematic process which he has used with clients for over eighteen years.One of his projects was awarded a T. C. Jester award for excellence in historic design in the historic Houston Heights. Mr. Travis’ company was namedRemodeler of the Yearby the Greater Houston Builder’s Association. He is also an expert on designing and building projects on remote sites and in rural areas.His projects have appeared in theNew York Times,Buildermagazine,Country Living,Cowboys and Indians,Home Companion,Sun Coast Magazine,Go Magazine(Airtran Airways flight magazine),HommesMagazine in Greece; theSan Antonio Express News, theMarin County Independent Journal, TheProvidence Sunday Journal, inTexas Highwaysand before employee groups atMicrosoftandGoogle. Major stories on his approach have appeared twice in German publications and in the Netherlands and Australia.Mr. Travis is also a writer and theorist who has amulti-disciplinary interest in how psychological techniques, and human factors findings, can be applied to architecture and residential design to more effectively create homes and living environments that “fit the psychological nature of people” .He studies and applies the possibility of therapeutic architecture in his design practice. It is this long term study that inspired both the last twenty years of his design practice and the Truehome Workshop. He believes the psychological and emotional needs of the inhabitants of a home should guide the work of designers, and has used hissystematic method for that purpose with his clients since 1998, and exclusively since 2002.


DUSTis an alliance of architects, craftspeople, artists, designers, and builders with practices rooted in the master-builder tradition: a collective of people grounded firmly in the tactile, in pursuit of the intangible.The studio explores ideas and ethics rooted in a reverent intimacy with craft and place. Ideas unfold in the creative space of intersections and find form through a respect for material and an unwavering attention to craft by skilled hands.The seeds of this practice were planted in the late 1990s on the vast plains of the Llano Estacado in West Texas; the studio was born in Tucson, Arizona in 2007 as a collaboration between Cade Hayes and Jesús Robles who join Adrian in this episode of TALKdesign. Cade has been one of the founding/managing principals of D U S T ® since its establishment in 2007. Each of the works shows a heightened sensitivity to place and the environment, expanding the discourse on lifestyle in harmony with the environment.In addition to practice, Cade has served on national design juries, has been a visiting instructor at Texas Tech University, and has taught Land Ethics design studios and Material Fabrication courses at the University of Arizona.Jesús has been one of the founding/managing principals of D U S T ® since its establishment in 2007. Each of the works shows an investigation into sustainable material development, articulation of craft throughout the design and build processes, and contributes to the discourse of phenomenology and place in architecture.In addition to practice, Jesus has contributed to Platform, a publication of the University of Texas at Austin, and is an instructor at the University of Arizona teaching design studios and Material Fabrication.

Simon Devitt

Simon Devitt is a photographer with a strong practice focus in Photography of Architecture, currently based in Auckland, New Zealand, with an established international practice throughout Australasia and further afield.Simon has both a strong sense of home and a wanderlust which goes right back to when he was born in a sandstorm beside a sleeping camelin 1973. Working in many different settings across cultures around the world has had a great impact on his professional practice, which has been greatly enriched by Simon's experience of each particular context: Shanghai and its people, the fruitful silence of a Japanese bamboo forest, the light in Los Angeles, so different to the harsh, more direct light in New Zealand. Simon Devitt loves people in my photos as their appearance adds a sense of scale and a place in time.Simon is an author of the award-winning photo-bookRannochand theAll Things Consideredseries. Photo-books bring together his passion for image, place and language, which started in 2013 with the launch ofPortrait of a House, his first self- published photo-book on the Athfield residence in Wellington. Since then, Simon has started publishing theRipe Fruitseries.His images feature in many books and collaborations includingLong Live the Modern(2009),Group Architects: Towards a New Zealand Architecture(2010),Athfield Architects(2012) andSummer Houses(2011); as well as in numerous national and international magazines such asElle Decor(Italy, UK, Japan and South Africa),Architectural Digest(Germany),Dwell(USA),Habitus,InDesign(Australia),Architecture NZ,Home New Zealand,Urbis,Interior(NZ).Simon lectures in Photography of Architecture at the University of Auckland, where he has also had the pleasure of offering the annual Simon Devitt Prize for Photographysince 2008.Currently, he is represented by PhotoFoyer in Milan, Italy and Simon's work has been exhibited in both group and solo shows.Simon is available for commissions, collaborations and guest lectures in New Zealand and worldwide.Book link: media links:Instagram page - simon_devittWebsite: