Sturdy Wheelbarrows


Ep 2 - What I value in a wheelbarrow

Season 1, Ep. 2

There's some shock news from the European Wheelbarrow Museum that will rock the wheelbarrow community to its core. To take everybody's minds off it, Michael organises a lovely quiz about wheelbarrows.

Written and hosted by Michael Cunningham (

Episode co-written by Alexandra Pugh, who also voices Tina Bobshaw. Alexandra can be found at:

Groundhawk Wheelbarrows ads voiced by Ciara King. Ciara can be found at:

Liam Kelly voiced by Evin Kierans

Kim voiced by Jen Guest

Danielle voiced by Liz McAuslan

Special thanks to Leah Donnelly and Michael Bree

Theme song by Johnny Jude, who can be found at:

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