Sturdy Wheelbarrows


Ep 4 - I lift wheelbarrows up in the air

Season 1, Ep. 4

Meet the World's Strongest Wheelbarrower, Elliott Dalton. Elliott can lift more wheelbarrows than anyone else in the world. He just prefers to lift them in private, without witnesses, and we all need to take his word for that. Meanwhile, there's a word from wheelbarrow charity Barrows Without Borders and Tina Bobshaw makes a public appeal regarding her missing wheelbarrow.

Written and hosted by Michael Cunningham (

Episode co-written by Alexandra Pugh, who also voices Tina Bobshaw. Alexandra can be found at:

Groundhawk Wheelbarrows ads voiced by Ciara King. Ciara can be found at:

Elliott Dalton voiced by Dan Morris. Dan can be found at:

Voice of Barrows Without Borders: Olivia Ahern

Theme song by Johnny Jude, who can be found at:

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