Sturdy Wheelbarrows


Ep 5 - A wheelbarrow doesn't have an address

Season 1, Ep. 5

It's a special Leaders in the Wheelbarrow Industry episode as Michael meets Killian Hennessy, a man who has set up more wheelbarrow-related businesses than anyone. Killian tells us about his latest venture, Wheelbarrow Croutons. Meanwhile, Tina Bobshaw remains on the hunt for her missing wheelbarrow but wishes to address the unfortunate matter of pranksters and time-wasters.

Written and hosted by Michael Cunningham (

Episode co-written by Alexandra Pugh, who also voices Tina Bobshaw. Alexandra can be found at:

Groundhawk Wheelbarrows ads voiced by Ciara King. Ciara can be found at:

Killian Hennessy voiced by Peter Mooney. Peter actually voiced Sir Michael in the audio book of How to (Almost) Make Friends on the Internet and can be found at:

Elliott Dalton voiced by Dan Morris. Dan can be found at:

Theme song by Johnny Jude, who can be found at:

Special thanks to Holly, Jack and Sam Ahern.

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