Sturdy Wheelbarrows


Ep 3 - Trapped under an upturned wheelbarrow

Season 1, Ep. 3

💔 Clarence Cantwell, one of the all-time great wheelbarrowers, has pushed his last wheelbarrow and the wheelbarrow community is in mourning. A poignant and tasteful tribute to the man who designed the beloved StarBarrow A5.

Written and hosted by Michael Cunningham (

Episode co-written by Alexandra Pugh, who also voices Tina Bobshaw. Alexandra can be found at:

Groundhawk Wheelbarrows ads voiced by Ciara King. Ciara can be found at:

Keith Walsh as himself. Keith can be found at:

Jennifer Cantwell voiced by Karen Woodberry

Archie Madigan voiced by Brian Whelan

Theme song and outro music by Johnny Jude, who can be found at:

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